How to Use Christian Ladies’ Night out Ideas for Fellowship and Fun

How to Use Christian Ladies Night out Ideas for Fellowship and Fun
Sherrie Permiermier

Use these Christian ladies night out ideas for needed fellowship and fun in the lives of the Christian women at your church.

One of the best things a women can do for her family and her self is to be a happy, healthy, stimulated individual. A Ladies Night Out fellowship adds socialization and stimulation to the lives of busy modern women. These monthly or weekly outings build up a support group for the women of your church and stimulate conversations about life, God and family.

1. Host a Craft Night – Craft nights can encompass a variety of activities. Provided should be the material to engage in the craft (ask for support of members) and an expert (either a member of the fellowship or someone called in).

Start the craft night out with a prayer and an icebreaker or quick update about life. Example icebreaker: What is the silliest thing you have done this last week? Arrange yourselves in a comfortable setting with access to craft materials and invite the expert to teach. The rest of the evening will be spent chatting and creating pieces of art. If the group is not close, you may want to facilitate group conversations or Bible study throughout the art activity.

Popular craft activities for Christian Ladies Night Out include: scrapbooking, beading necklaces, basket weaving, crocheting, pottery painting (may take place at store such as Color Me Mine), children’s crafts you can take home and do with kids, Holiday themed crafts such as making ornaments or candy wreaths, making items for donation.

**Crafts that are time consuming and easy to do are best because they provide the opportunity for fellowship, talking and laughter. Crafts that help others, such as Christmas Cards for orphans or the elderly are great! Any craft that you haven’t tried, but are interested in will probably work well. If several members show an interest – make it happen.

2. Go Back To Childhood – As children we made life long friends and connected with our girlfriends. It is hard to oftentimes connect to other women. Plan a party which is reminiscent of those you had as a child.

My favorite Back to Childhood Christian Ladies Night Out Idea is to have a pajama or slumber party. Invite the ladies to come over in their pajamas. Have an Avon women come over. Have girl talk, look at the latest lotions and creams. Consider playing board games, watching Christian sermon videos and eating popcorn. Other back to childhood ideas include – Having a pool party, movie night, talent show or campfire/bonfire. Another idea includes a photo scavenger hunt.

These Ladies nights stimulate great conversation, laughter and fun. Always start every meeting with a prayer. Plan themed games, activities.

3. Make It About the Food – Whether you are cooking together, hosting a potluck or having a themed party where each person brings something to make it special, making it about the food is a great Christian ladies night out idea.

Food themed parties include: Tea Parties, Banana Split Night, Healthy Eating, Soup and Sandwich, Ice Cream Sundaes, Chocolate Night, Coffee Night, etc. Use your imagination and creativity to create an unforgettable get together. Consider getting each guest involved by having them contribute to the overall food theme.

4. Get Out of the House – Sometimes women just need to get out of the house for some fellowship. Ideas include organizing a group trip to the theater, bowling, to a museum or coffee shop, a shopping trip or going to yard sales.

5. Help Those In Need – Another great idea for a get together is to organize the group of women to help those in need. Consider making things for those overseas, helping out at a homeless shelter, volunteering at an elderly home or women’s shelter together. After the work, get together at someone’s home or a nearby restaurant for coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

This article “How to Use Christian Ladies Night out Ideas for Fellowship and Fun” by Sherrie Permierier was excerpted from: website, May 2011. It may be used for study & research purposes only.

This article may not be written by an Apostolic author, but it contains many excellent principles and concepts that can be adapted to most churches. As the old saying goes “Eat the meat. Throw away the bones.”