I Love you!



There are a lot of ideas for “I love you!” gifts. They include chocolates, roses, and little items of clothing, etc.

Rather than reiterate the usual gifts and Valentines card sayings, I thought I’d share some “ways to say ‘I love you!'” Some may reflect your ideas and practices. But others may provide pause for thought.

For Our Parents.

The most important people in our lives during our early years deserve more than a “once a year” appreciation such as Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. There are special ways to say “I love you!” to parents: 1) Write a letter of appreciation–stating and restating your love; 2) Do something unexpected–a special project, a special gift, a special visit; 3) Make a certificate of your 10 favorite childhood memories and
give it to them.

For Our Kids.

Love isn’t a one-way street. Love for our kids is important for the child as well as the parent. Daily contact can take the form of conflict, causing a gulf to be fixed within the family unit.

Perhaps a few simple “I love you!” exercises would go a long ways toward getting our message across:

1) Do the unthinkable–admit you were grouchy; 2) Compliment them and say, “I’m proud of you!”; 3) Invite their friends over; 4) Talk before bedtime; 5) Listen; 6) Be consistent; 7) Laugh a lot together; 8)
Accept imperfections; 9) Make photo scrapbook of joyful memories to share with them; 10) Say it often!


For Our Spouse.

Try something thoughtful and different this ye

Our church has sold roses at Valentines and Mother’s Day in the past, so I know whereof I speak. Many are the occasion that the “impulse sale” of $15 per dozen roses causes a man to stop and say–“Yeah, give me a dozen of them for the old lady.” I’m sure the message comes in clearly as he drops them on the counter:

Perhaps a few ideas would be in order that we won’t limit to Valentines Day this year.

These are ways husbands and wives can say “I love you!”

1) Give gifts; 2) Give a card without special occasion; 3) Fix a special meal (“yes men, that goes for you too!”); 4) Admit when you’re wrong; 5) Don’t say, “You’re just like your mother or father!”; Say “Good job!” for a good job; 6) Don’t “bust the bank” to go to a nice restaurant–plan ahead and go to a restaurant you normally could not afford; 7) Go shopping without the kids; 8) Do a project you’ve not done yet that your spouse wants you to do-NOW!! 9) Say “I love you!” 10) Say it again…

For Our Savior. The lepers Jesus healed were unwilling–with the exception of one–to return and thank Jesus. We can become so busy with parents, kids, and spouses that we forget Him! Let’s tell Him we love
Him–1) Give a special offering that is “over and above” what you normally give; 2) Tell somebody how much you love Him; 3) Compliment your pastor–after all, he’s a gift to you from God!