Ideal for Mens, Ladies, Outreach, Youth, Music, Sunday School — Anyone that Needs to Motivate Their Workers

Ideal for Mens, Ladies, Outreach, Youth, Music, Sunday School — Anyone that Needs to Motivate Their Workers
Motivator Quiz

What kind of [Youth, Ladies, Mens, Sunday School Worker] motivator are you? Check the statement that best describes how you manage and motivate [Youth, Ladies, Mens, Sunday School Worker] volunteers.

___1. I know where I’m headed. I make the decisions, and then I tell my volunteers how we can best meet my goals.

___2. I’ve been in ministry for so long that I’ve seen it all. I’m in the business of giving answers to my staff.

___3. I love ministry; especially the meat of it. I’ll always do the important things and delegate the insignificant things to my staff.

___4. Ministry is hard work, but I love it! I’m overworked, understaffed, and stressed out. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

___ 5. My ministry pretty much runs itself. I stopped caring several years ago, but my family needs a paycheck so I stay on staff.

___ 6. I work with my staff to set goals and determine how we’re going to reach those goals. When I delegate tasks, I always keep in mind the people I’m delegating to and how they can grow through doing a task.

Now look at the statement below that corresponds in number to the one you checked.

1. You’re a boss. You need to motivate your staff by involving them in the process rather than by ordering them around.

2. You’re the expert. You are the indispensable knower of all things, but your staff is under-motivated because you don’t recognize their gifts, abilities, and knowledge.

3. You’re the doer. Why wouldn’t you love ministry? You’re doing all the fun things and leaving the menial things to your staff. Give the goods away!

4. You’re the hero/martyr. You’re burned out, and you’re liking it. But is your staff? Get some help, take a leave of absence, but get refreshed fast.

5. You’re the abdicrat. You’ve retired, but you haven’t left. You avoid conflict and new ideas because your heart is no longer in it. For the sake of everyone, find a new job.

6. You’re the empowerer/servant leader. Your style is the most effective at motivating volunteers. You meet program goals through your people, and they’re highly rewarded because of their significant involvement.

“Motivator Quiz”. By Carlton J. Cooors

This article may not be written by an Apostolic author, but it contains many excellent principles and concepts that can be adapted to most churches. As the old saying goes, “Eat the meat. Throw away the bones.”