Ideas About How Your Church Can Promote Missions

Ideas About How Your Church Can Promote Missions
Phil Zimmerman

1. Put books and biographies about missionaries in your church bookstore.
2. Review books about missionaries in your church bulletin and church meetings.
3. Put maps of countries, ethnic groups, flags and missionaries in every classroom.
4. Schedule your calendar for missionaries to come and speak on Sunday morning, to youth and young adults and in children’s classes.
5. Arrange for every ministry of the church to give toward missions, general giving and special projects, adopting a missionary, missionary’s children, unreached people, child, student. This would include cell groups, men’s groups, women’s groups.
Following are potential projects for support:
Purchase Bibles
Translation of literature
Special evangelistic meetings
Supplies for evangelism and discipleship
Office equipment
Support a national worker
Support a child or village
Gifts for children of missionaries
6. Set aside a Sunday morning missions focus by showing a short video, praying for specific missionaries or current international events or countries; take an offering.
7. Incorporate the Operation World Prayer Calendar into your weekly church prayer meetings or on Sunday morning.
8. On Sunday morning and in prayer meetings pray for international current events, using the names of the people involved and the specific events.
9. Use holidays to invite foreign students to your church activities.
10. Establish a campus outreach to foreign students.
11. Host monthly international potlucks and invite foreign students.
12. Host a yearly missions conference.
13. Send church members on short-term missions trips.
14. Hold a regular “Vision for the Nations” course in your church and strongly encourage members to enroll.
15. Include a lesson on world outreach in your membership class.
16. Commit a certain amount of monthly budget to missions.
17. Ask your congregation to make Faith Promises toward missions.
18. Give verbal reports to your church on how your missions budget is being used.

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