Ideas For a Spirit Led Worship Service

Ideas For A Spirit Led Worship Service
By Prius Staff

Creative idea’s to enhance your worship service

Worship is a large and important part of being a Christian, and worshiping as part of the congregation can be a powerful experience.

A worship service should guide people back towards God, and help the congregation feel God’s presence, power, and anointing. As pastors, we should prepare our people to be sensitive to God’s presence with a heart that is open to the love of Christ, and sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Our call to worship should cause hearts to burn with desire and a passion for God. Every visitor should leave our services knowing without a doubt that God was in the house.

For those of you who would like to have a powerful and anointed worship service, I have compiled a list of ideas (some essential, some creative) for your consideration.

1. Musician’s and choir prayer before service.
2. Corporate prayer to start worship
3. Worship leader to encourage worship
4. Band music (guitars, bass, keyboard, drums, etc.)
5. Organs, and piano’s
6. Scripture reading during worship
7. Singing without musicians
8. Solo vocal or instrument
9. Signing solo
10. Dramatized songs
11. Choirs and or group singing
12. Different age groups singing (youth, children, seniors)

Ideas for using Hymns:

13. Have someone in the congregation sing a verse as a solo. Maybe let them sing from their seat so people cannot see.

Example: Have a child sing part of God is Good, or someone who has just lost a loved one sing, It Is Well With My Soul.

14. While the band or musicians are still playing, read a verse from the hymn, or a passage from the Bible between verses.

15. If it is appropriate to the song, have the men sing one verse, and have the ladies sing the next verse. Although it is not a hymn, here is an example: King of Kings, the men sing “King of Kings and Lord of Lords GLORY! ALELUIA” And the women sing “Jesus Prince of Peace, GLORY! ALELUIA!

16. Have people give short testimonies about what the hymn means to them, and do it between the verses.

17. Tell the story about who wrote the hymn, why they did it and how they wrote it. Do it before or during the singing of the hymn.

18. Sing the hymn in tempo reflecting the words and theme. Make sure you do not sing every hymn at the same tempo. Keep in mind that some verses can be sung at different tempos and volume.

19. Have a visual presentation of the words of the hymn through drama, sign language, video, or a slide show.

20. Try singing only the verses which help emphasize the theme of the service.

21. Once in a while, only choose songs which sing TO God rather than about God. Make sure your worshippers know what they are doing.

22. Start the worship service with the choir in the congregation. Have one of the members of the choir begin the hymn, and at a given point have a different member stand up and join the first member, then another member follows, and finally, as they move toward the choir loft, the whole choir will be singing. Hopefully the whole congregation will be standing and singing at this point.

Ideas for Scripture Reading:

23. Have people of all different ages read the scripture. Small children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

24. Have responsive readings presented in different ways, such as between the choir and the congregation, women and men, or several people of differing ages in different places of the congregation.

25. Dramatize the scripture. Example: use the prodigal son, the last supper, or Noah s ark.

26. While a solo instrument is playing, have the congregation read a particular scripture silently. If the scripture matches the hymn, this may have a great impact.
Use a testimony before or after the about the scripture or how it has guided their life.

Ideas for prayer:

27. The traditional use of a song during prayer is effective.

28. Have someone whose life has been changed by prayer give a testimony and then have them pray.

29. Have the congregation get into small groups to pray.

30. Have a child lead everyone in prayer.

31. Ask an elderly person to lead in prayer.

32. Have a drama group present The Lord s Prayer.

33. Each week, pray for a family for person. Make sure to ask them first though, and have them come to the front and ask the congregation to come up an lay hands on that person/family.

Whatever you do, whatever techniques you use, make sure you mix it up. If it is the same worship service week after week, everyone will know what is going to happen and no one will feel into the spirit of worship. Pray about what to do, and let God lead you!

From June 2009