Ideas for Men’s Ministry and Mission (27-12)

Ideas for Men’s Ministry and Mission
Mark Abernathy

How to Equip Men for Ministry
1. Where to Begin in Equipping Men for Ministry
• Discover each man’s unique makeup for ministry
• Use a spiritual gifts discovery instrument
• Match men with ministry
• Equip and encourage men as they serve

2. Areas for Involving Men for Ministry
• Teach Sunday School
• Work with the Youth/Royal Ambassadors
• Staff community clothes closet or food pantry
• Provide lawn care for senior adults
• Help with church building and grounds maintenance

How To Extend Men on Mission
1. Ways to Extend Men on Mission
• Handyman ministry
• Habitat for Humanity
• Firewood ministry
• Meals-on-Wheels ministry
• Garden ministry
• Correctional ministry

2. Other Ways to Extend Men on Mission
• State-sponsored volunteer mission projects (District Ministry for Men, Local Associations, Disaster Relief)
• National volunteer mission projects (Office of Partnership Missions —National Missions Board
• International volunteer mission projects (Office of Partnership Missions—International Mission Board, Cooperative Fellowship)

Monthly Men’s Ministry Meetings Sample
Designed for a Two-Hour Meeting
• Welcome & Prayer Meal (25 min)
• Promotion of upcoming missions and ministry opportunities (5 min)
• Reports from Small Groups and/or Ministry Groups (10 min)
• Music/Singing (10 min)
• Spiritual Challenge (20 min)
• Bible Teaching or other Spiritual Development (see resources) — or — Missions Speaker
• Small group (3-4) discussion on speaker (with questions) (15 min)
• Music/Singing (10 min)
• Testimony (10 min)
• Sharing of prayer requests (5 min)
• Small group prayer time (10 min)
• Dismiss

Total: 2 hours (including meal)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday Night 6:30 – 8:30

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