Implementation for Total Church Growth


Month One

1. Read the story “Let my People Grow.”

2. Listen to the tapes and allow them to walk you step by step through the written binder material.

3. Take notes as to what will apply to your situation. Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself.

Month Two

1. Purchase a copy of “Let My People Grow” for all of your current department heads and prospective department heads.

2. Give the material in this binder to your key leaders to read and evaluate. Note: keep a “master copy” for yourself. Purchase a second binder to divide up and distribute to your department leaders.

3. You and your wife should try to get away by yourselves for a few days if possible. Review your material notes. Pray and seek the
direction of God. Dream, plan, set goals and objectives. Evaluate every ministry and outreach. Catch a vision of revival.

4. After much prayer, complete your own “Five-Year Numerical Goals Worksheet” and “Church Growth Spiral.” From your notes and plans, fill out a “Five-Year Quality Improvement Goals” of quality improvement goals. Determine which of these goals are to be done this year and when each should be completed. Write it down. Remember, people don’t have much problem setting goals, they only have problems writing them down.

5. Call and make reservations for your Planning Retreat three months from now.

Month Three

1. Begin designing your organizational chart. Select your key departments (no more than fourteen – twelve is best). Place all
positions and ministries on this chart somewhere. Make as many departments as you have faithful individuals to oversee them.

2. Read through the sample job descriptions. On a photocopy, cross out what does not apply, write in what is missing. Give a photocopy to your existing directors and ask them to do the same.

3. Redesign each departments monthly report, customizing it to fit that department exactly.

4. Pray about and select any new directors you will need (Home Bible Study, Visitor Follow-up, New Convert Care, and so on).

Month Four

1. Meet with each director individually. Go over the two “rough draft” job descriptions and merge the two into a completed copy to be typed. Have both the job description and the monthly report retyped.

2. Explain also to each director the Four-Part Planning Process and your organizational chart.

3. In this meeting, discuss that department – problems, new programs they wish to add, and so on.

4. In your discussion, come up with three to five topics for the upcoming Retreat. Get a commitment from each to attend with their spouse.

Month Five

l. Assemble the needed materials for your first planning Retreat..

a) Purchase a binder for each director
b) Place the following materials in each binder

* Organizational Chart
* Finished Job Description
* Sample and blank Departmental One-year Plan
* Blank Monthly Report Forms (about 15)
* Loose-leaf Calendar
* Note paper
* Fountain pen

2. Have the Retreat Agenda typed (see sample) and place in binder.

3. Have a quick meeting after a service to explain directions and anything needed for the Retreat.

4. Have your first “Annual Planning Retreat.”

Month Six

1. Two or three weeks after the Planning Retreat, have each department hand in their One-year Plan. Have these retyped if needed.

2. Have your first Monthly Council

a) Be sure to make an agenda
b) Monthly reports will not be due until next month
c) Hand out the tape for leadership training. This will begin next month.

3. The week following your Monthly Council, begin your Weekly Tag-ins.

4. Find an individual to come for a week to promote and train in Home Bible Study three months from now (month nine).

5. At second Monthly Council

a) Start leadership training from the tape
b) Collect first Monthly Report

6. Concentrate this month on getting your New Convert Care Department operating well, if not already going.

a) New Life Class
b) Dinner Ministries
c) First night counselors trained if needed

Month Seven

1. Focus on getting your Prayer ministry departments ministries launched and active this month.
a) Monthly Irayer Promotion
b) Irayer Hot-line
c) Pre-service Prayer Emphisis
d) etc.

2. Also concentrate on getting your New Convert Care Department operating well, if not already going.
a) New Life Class
b) Dinner Ministries
c) First night counselors trained if needed

Month Eight

1. Your Visitor Follow-up may already be operating, but take this month to get it rolling smoothly. It needs to be operating well before you launch the Spiral. Train your follow-up personnel.

2. Introduce Constant Contact Consciousness. Explain it well – use overhead projector. Get your slips printed. Get your people used to it. Try it out for a few weeks.

3. Make sure that the Home Bible Study Department is ready to operate sstrongly following your upcoming Growth Spiral service. The director should already be coordinating all Bible studies you now have going.

4. If you plan to use the “Parentreach” method of Bus or Van Ministry, you might get it started now.

5. Have your Spiral Bulletin Board designed and put up in a highly visible location. Put some time and quality into this.

Month Nine

1. Have the materials printed or copied for your Growth Spiral Seminar (Five-Year Plan, Spiral, Commitment forms, etc.)

2. Have your Church Growth Spiral Commitment Night. Use an overhead projector!
* Explain 5-Year Numerical Goals
* Explain Church Growth Spiral (Goals to begin NEXT month).
* Preach Soulwinning
* Have an altar call and commitment. Collect the commitment forms.

3. Get a commitment form from every adult. Follow up on all absentees.

4. Post numbers committed on Spiral Bulletin Board.

5. Have your annual Home Bible Study Training Seminar soon after the Spiral Commitment Service. Bring in an outside speaker for this if possible.

6. Start Home Bible Study Emphasis Month.

Month Ten

1. Promote faithfulness in involvement to all areas of the Growth Spiral – bringing visitors, teaching Home Bible Studies, C.C.C., and Sunday School growth.

2. You might consider having an “Enroll-To-Grow” campaign in the next few months.

3. Start your “Monthly Holy Ghost Sunday” in Sunday School if you have not already done so.

4. Begin your monthly Home Bible Study promotions.

5. Begin your Saturday Door Knocking Teams this month if possible. Train your door knocking staff!

Month Eleven

1. Have your first “Monthly Spiral Promotion” to review your monthly Spiral results. Monthly goals are one-third of your quarterly goals.

2. Consider beginning your weekly Leadership Development Class this month. Select a text book and announce the class.

Month Twelve

1. Plan an Altar Worker’s Training Seminar if you have not already done so – you’re going to need it!

2. Keep on keeping on. You should be seeing some results.

Month Thirteen

1. Have your first quarterly Growth Spiral promotion night. Review quarterly goals and results. Preach soulwinning. Have members commit to next quarters goals. Try to increase the number involved.

“The world has yet to see what God can do through one man whose life is totally committed to Him”
– D. L. Moody

Lord, Let it be ME!

(The above material was prepared and published by Tim Massengale from Total Church Growth. You can order the complete 2 volume set from the Pentecostal Publishing House.)

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