In Service Teachers Training Really Works!

In Service Teachers Training Really Works!
By Tim Massengale


Choose a Pastor from any church and ask him what he would like to see Sunday school accomplish and he will say, “Grow and reach more people with the Acts 2:38 message.” Next ask him what are some problems he has with his Sunday school, and he will probably say, “Not enough qualified and trained workers.” You would be very correct in reaching the conclusion that there is an important connection between Sunday school growth and effective worker training.

We cannot expect to be able to attract the lost individuals in our cities on Sunday morning unless we have the quality of instruction and the anointing of the Holy Ghost to reach their hearts. This is true for any age group, and especially so for adults. People are busy and consider their time valuable. They are also concerned about their children and the type of learning their children are exposed to. The sad fact is that many of our Sunday school teachers and bus workers have had little training at all.

Surveys have shown that few teachers are able to attend our annual Sunday School Convention. Sectional Sunday School Training Seminars are tremendous, but are only once a year and some still cannot come. How can a church reach all of their teachers with a comprehensive and detailed training program that will work? In-Service Teacher Training is the answer.

What is in service training?

In-Service teacher training is an on going class specifically set up to teach teachers. It works on a rotating basis, over a period of 4-6 months. Not only is it a refresher course for the experienced teacher, but also a training seminar for the prospective teacher. Class size varies with the size of Sunday school staff. The first class is usually made up of new teachers or those that wish to return to teaching. When their training is completed, they are rotated into the classroom and one of the class teachers are taken out. In this way, your Sunday school is continually getting a new “shot” of enthusiasm and teaching methods.

When and Where

Those churches that have put an In-Service Training Program into effect have found that a Sunday morning class works best. It gives the teacher a much needed rest and enables them to better absorb the new material being taught. It lasts the length of the normal Sunday school class and includes instruction, discussion, activity, and homework. The instructor(s) of this class should be sure to practice what they are teaching as they teach. Don’t let the lack of a class room stop you. Look for any spot that would work: unused office, church kitchen, empty bus, neighboring saint’s living room, anywhere! The most important thing is what is being taught, not where it is taught. If Sunday morning just won’t work out, choose another time. Truth Tabernacle of Fresno has their In-Service Training during their Friday.

This article “In Service teachers Training Really Works!” was written by: Tim Massengale

From: The Sunday Growth Digest newsletter. October 1980.