Author: Jason Moven

“Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don’t stand back and let them die.” Proverbs 24:11 TLB

I don’t know what your rationale is for not caring about the thousands of innocent babies that are murdered every day in America under the medical term “abortion,” but I remember what my old dodge was. “If they hadn’t been out living immoral they wouldn’t be in that situation,” I would mutter to myself, as if my recognition of immorality somehow cleansed my hands from the blood of the innocents. Then, I would shut abortion out of my mind. It wasn’t my problem, it was the problem of those alley-cats. Since they were already lost and going to hell, living immorally, what was an additional sin of abortion going to mean to their eternal soul anyhow, I would conjecture. But God would not let me by, and neither will He let you by, my dear brother! Abortion in America is your problem and my problem!

So, abortion is a complex issue? It’s all a matter of choice and individual rights? It’s none of the church’s business? Just where were all of those “dodges” manufactured? Not in your Bible!

Abortion is a simple thing — abortion is murder. The MURDERED child NEVER has any rights. And if ANYBODY should care, should be involved, should have the FINAL word on the subject of abortion, THE CHURCH should!

I have repented of my careless and cold stance on abortion; now, I am involved in saving the lives of innocent babies. I have found great rewards in this new avenue of service to Jesus. I have no regrets!

Apostolic Pentecostals everywhere are generally driven by a great and consuming passion to be SOUL WINNERS! This is Biblical, great, and exciting. Can I show you a field, white, ready to harvest? That field is the mass of humanity connected with the horrible national sin known as abortion!

1. The Mothers of the Murdered Babies

Every baby has a mother. For whatever reason, that mother of the aborted baby chooses to kill her own flesh and blood. These mothers need our compassion, our helping hands, and more than anything else, THEY NEED TO BE TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT ABORTION!

I have several ladies in my church who are VICTIMS of abortion. Victims? Just as much so as the aborted babies. These mothers, regardless of what they were told immediately prior to the abortion, carry great emotional pain and guilt. Mothers who murder their babies need God’s forgiveness, sure, but they also need to forgive so many others who were involved in the abortion. Abortion is not just the business of one single female! A large circle of other humans are involved!

2. The Fathers of the Murdered Babies

Daddies who abort babies also experience guilt and shame. They need the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. They need to take their responsible role as a PROTECTOR of their family, including spouse and children, seriously, learn to do what is right, not necessarily what is convenient or legal!

3. The Brothers and Sisters of the Murdered Babies

How interested we all are in our families! If you had a long-lost brother or sister, would you not want to see them sometime? To get acquainted with them?

4. The Grandparents of the Murdered Babies

I have a dear friend in my church who still grieves that he has lost some of his grandchildren. He never saw them, but he cannot erase his mind.

Sadly, many Grandmothers are the worst enemies of their own grandchildren! “You are pregnant? How could you do this to us?” Thinking of their reputation, even though they say they are considering the mother of the baby, they will many times heavily influence their own daughter to MURDER their own GRANDCHILD. Oh, how cruel pride is!

5. The Doctors who Murdered the Babies

Doctors should be saving lives, not murdering babies. But big money beckons, society has said it is legal, and soon it all becomes just another part of the blur of the day’s work.

Soon, doctors will be able to kill old people — they are just burdens on society anyhow. Soon, doctors will be able to kill the retarded or mentally ill — they don’t really know what is going on anyhow. Soon, they MAY BE ABLE TO KILL RELIGIOUS FANATICS like you! You know, those that believe in repentance, baptism in Jesus name, and the infilling of the Holy Ghost, evidenced by speaking in tongues? Yes, you!

One famous doctor is already helping some people commit suicide. Helping? Does one need to be “helped” to commit suicide? But that’s another story… for now the point is that those in our society who are responsible to save lives are being conditioned to take lives. Where will the murder end?

6. The Society who Murdered the Babies

People can be conditioned to do even the most horrible and unspeakable things, if they are trained just a little at a time! We see it in America Television is conditioning the world for the GREAT WRATH of God.

How strange… people can save whales, but not babies. People can save snail darters, but not babies. People can save the lives of those in car wrecks, dying from disease, or suffering from hunger, but they cannot seem to SAVE BABIES! Will God let us, this society that we live in, by with murder?

7. The God that Makes the Murdered Babies

God is not pleased with abortion, but He is less pleased with those who claim to be His servants and who cannot figure out what it is that He wants! God wants LIFE! God wants LOVE! God wants COMPASSION!

Get involved! Go to a Pro-life rally somewhere. Better yet, attend a rescue! See if God meets you there! It will change your life, as it did mine. I left saying: “Where is the church? Where is the church…”

I am the church! It’s my job to care! It’s my job to get involved! I love, because HE LOVES THROUGH ME!

Pilate washed his hands in front of the mob and tried to forget it all. But tradition says he died washing his hands. He just couldn’t get the blood of the innocent off his hands.


(The above article was reprinted from the JOURNAL)

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