Issue 30-1 – Church Growth – Gathering Laborers for the Harvest – Tim Massengale

Gathering Laborers for the Harvest

By Tim Massengale


Several years ago a “critical issues” questionnaire was sent to a large number of church leaders. They were asked to list what they believed to be the most critical issues facing the church today. In overwhelming response, these leaders agreed that the number one critical issue was the need for trained workers and lay leaders to help in the organization and outreach areas of the church.


People who could work under pastoral leadership and help the man of God carry the weight of responsibility. This need has not changed. The question asked most by growing churches is, “How can we cultivate good workers and leaders from among our church membership?”  Since the pastor cannot effectively do everything himself, a church’s growth will, quite literally, rise or fall upon this one factor.  …….More


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