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Soulwinning is Everywhere
By Mark Hanby




If the Holy Ghost is in a man only at 7 PM on “Prospect Visitation Night” then you could expect to win souls only at that time (or on Saturday morning at 10 during Sunday school visitation or any other scheduled time for outreach). But how absurd it is to think that souls can be won only during scheduled times or when you say,” I’m going soulwinning.” You may go and you can win souls. But you may also win souls at any other time. On the streets, in the stores, over the telephone, at home, on the job— anywhere you go you are a soulwinner.

What Does God Want you to Do?

The Holy Ghost is in you twenty-four hours a day, every day of the week, of the month and of the year. The surging, powerful, glorious Holy Spirit of truth lives within you, empowering you to affect that world about you. Jesus said it would be “a well of water” within you, springing up into everlasting life (John 4:14). The well wants to spring up, flow out and bless others. The incessant flow of the Spirit is like a spring, never stopping, always fresh, flowing continually day and night “Spring ..:.p, 0 well .. . ”

He Would Like To Win Souls Through You Wherever You Are 

The Lord expects you to yield to Him at all times. You do not go forth in the power of the flesh but with a river of living water flowing into the desert places of human abode.

How disappointing when you simply and only stand at a door, knock the right number of times, present yourself properly, compliment an object to win acceptance and then just invite someone to church. Is that all you came to do? Stand there, knock, invite, leave? And maybe never to see them again! They may go to Hell just after you walk down the steps, to go down the street, to knock on another door, repeating the same dead formula. Smile like the undertaker, my lifeless friend, because, like him, you have nothing to give.

Such As I Have, Give I Thee . . .Anytime, Anywhere



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