Issue 30-4 – Leadership Resources – Fools Gold – Roger Grohman

Fools Gold

By Roger Grohman








Fool’s gold is any mineral that can be mistaken for gold. The most common type of fool’s gold is pyrite. In the exposed surfaces of rock or as grains in a stream, pyrite is often brown on the outside because the exposed parts have been oxidized, to reveal a stable iron mineral. Pyrite can be distinguished from gold by its greater hardness, its lower specific gravity, its weight, and its dark streak. This should prove to us that everything that glitters and sparkles is not always judged to be true and pure.

One of the most difficult struggles that Pentecostal people have is distinguishing what is real, and what is false spiritually. Jesus declares that there is a strait gate and a broad gate. The strait gate is narrow and leads unto eternal life, “but few there be that find it.” The more popular way of the two is the wide gate, “and many there be which go in thereat,” but it leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13-14). Not every one who says, “Lord, Lord” or “Glory, Glory,” or “Hallelujah, praise the Lord” will be saved. For complete salvation to be effective in our lives, we must bring our carnal natures under subjection to the Holy Ghost (Matthew 7:21-23). The Apostle Paul was straightforward in identifying true and false spiritual elements. Paul listed at least twenty-five situations that Timothy was to be aware of and on guard against.


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