Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021
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“Today we understand, that the Old Testament was written for our learning. The New Testament is for the application of that learning. The teachings stipulated the difference between the holy and the unholy. Lessons were to be learned from the similes and metaphors used (He 1:1). However, Israel missed the significance of the various object lessons on holiness.

Genesis was the first to mention the wearing of ornaments (Genesis 24:22). The Jewelleries were associated with the gods of Laban the Syrian or, the descendants of Abram (Genesis 35:24). Aaron associated Jewelleries with gods. He was the first to introduce Israel to a golden calf god (Exodus 32:4).”


Dr. T.B. Neil is a prolific writer and has written many books of which some are used to instruct and teach at Genesis Theological Institute, Seminars, Leadership Training for Pastors, and Ministers. Dr. Neil has ministered in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and North America. He has visited many places mentioned in biblical prophecy.

Presently, Dr. Neil is the President of Genesis Institute of Theology and Leadership and has a private practice in Theocentric Counselling & Psychology. Dr. Neil received his Doctorate of Divinity from University in Biblical Study (a Oneness seminary).  He is a registered practicing Family Life Educator, a professional Counsellor, and a Family Mediator in conflict resolution. He is a doctor of Philosophy in Theocentric Psychology with honours cum laude.

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