Wed. Apr 14th, 2021
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“We are living amid Christians today who are melted down but not molded, convicted but not committed! Our ability depends on our response to God’s Ability. As we position ourselves for His moving in us and through us, we must offer our total being for service. God’s potential with us is far greater than anything we can ask Him to do. He will not send you where He will not go with you or before you.

Leadership at any level is a lifelong process. Spiritual growth, however, is not automatic. Neither does it happen by accident! It is a choice! We have far too many within the ranks of the church today that are more interested in a position or a title only. This has greatly weakened many churches.”


James Holland Sr. is a pastor, teacher, and conference speaker. He is also involved in leadership training. He has a doctorate degree in biblical studies. He and his wife, Shirline, have been involved in ministry all of their adult lives. They live in Glennville, Georgia, where they have served as pastor of the First United Pentecostal Church for over thirty years.

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