By: Sis. Cylinda Shirley

Job Purpose

To administer and motivate the Single Parents in a manner that will result in a spiritual growth for the single parents and people participating. Major focuses will be placed on quality instruction, spiritual growth, and good relations with the singles. In focusing upon these you will assist in accomplishing the main task of the Single Parents Ministry, this being to guide and teach the singles in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, both mentally and spiritually.

Job Qualifications

1. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost.
2. Must meet the qualifications for the church membership.
3. Must be loyal to the Pastor.
4. Must be willing to work in harmony with others.
5. Must carry a burden for the Single Parents.
6. Must be able to instill enthusiasm with excitement.
7. Must be able to lead and motivate Single Parents.
8. Must be a lover of the souls of Single Parents.
9. Must be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties of the Single Parents Ministries.

Job Responsibilities

** Shall have to oversee and promote the will being of the Single Parents of the church under the direction of the pastor.
** Shall seek to implement all duties with tact, zeal and dedication, and love.
** Shall assume the responsibility to have a Single Parent Ministries Sunday School class.
** Shall organize 4 annual seminars, for the singles in the church, catering to the needs of single parents.
** Shall be responsible to remember special occasions, such as Birthdays of them and their children.
** Shall assume the responsibility for their emotional support.
** Shall help them in situations of practical help. (car maintenance, balancing checkbook, fixing the garbage disposal, ect.)
** Shall have classes to help with child discipline.
** Shall organize a babysitting project with the teenagers of the church to help out in emergency times of need.
** Shall show them how to be a positive influence to their kids for both role models, of male and female.
** Be in charge of having different governmental agencies to come in to talk about the programs offered to help them.
** Shall endeavor to schedule activity day for them and their family to spend time together.
** To have a support team, that agrees to meet in homes, and discuss various problems.
** To develop new programs to reach out to other single parents in the area.
** Establish a benevolence fund to help one family a week hard to meet needs.

Organizational Relationships

The Single Parents Ministry Director is responsible directly to the Pastor. Each year the pastor and Single Parents Minister will review this Job description, update and improve to make more applicable to the position. Accountability shall consist of a monthly report of all Christian School activities and upcoming events. The Single Ministries Director is responsible for all interdepartmental staff and personnel. the director shall work closely with all departments, especially with that of the Sunday School division. Evaluation of the performance of this position shall be performed by the pastor on an annual basis.

Training and Development

** Shall attend 10 meetings in public support groups in the community to gain new insight.
** Shall endeavor to attend classes at the nearby college in child development and parent and child relations.

Job Goals for the year of 1992

** Shall hold morning prayer in the church for the Single Parents.
** Start a support group for outsiders.
** Increase the amount of Single Parents in the church.
** Develop Job Description for all interdepartmental positions.

(The above material was designed and prepared by Cylinda Shirley, an Indiana Bible College student graduate.)

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