Keys to a Successful Bible Quiz Ministry

Keys to a Successful Bible Quiz Ministry
Eric Diaz

So, you’re wondering, what are the secrets to maintaining or attaining a successful bible Quiz program? Well, first of all, Do you believe in miracles? Just kidding! But, is it really possible? Does it occur? yes, it does occur, Yes, it really is possible!

There are three keys that I am convinced, if put into action can bring to life, sustain, or even help start a Bible Quiz Ministry. Please notice the key words in that last statement…”put into action.” It takes human effort to apply these keys and to make them work. Let me preempt the explanation of these necessary and helpful keys by saying that without the help of a faithful heavenly Father, and our reliance upon Him, as in any ministry, our efforts will fly into the wind like dust, for naught. So after stating the obvious, let me begin!

The first of our three keys is one that precedes any ministry or endeavor, that is the essential key of vision. We know it is not only obvious, but Scripturally correct that without vision-people, dreams, and even ministries perish. This is a factor that plays an important role throughout a quiz year and the duration of a successful quiz program. What do you see in this program that will benefit your youth, your own life, and your local church body? How do you see yourself playing a key role in this character-building ministry? These are a couple of questions you can ask yourself in examining your vision for the Bible Quiz Ministry.

How do you obtain the vision for the Bible Quiz ministry? If you’re never been involved in it before, witness a quiz tournament from start to finish, visit with a former quizzer or two, ask them about the impact quizzing has left on their lives. If you’re presently involved in quizzing, well what else can be said, to be active in a ministry that enhances spirituality in your youth, affords everyone involved opportunities to travel and build long-lasting relationships across our fellowship (Wow, I married a bible Quizzer!) and allows the Word of God to be sown deep into the hearts of quizzers is fulfilling in itself.

Vision-let yours drive the ministry and everything you do in 1999.

The second key to discuss is commitment. Yes, I know my Brother and Sister, you’ve heard this one before. From the pastor, from the Sunday School teacher, God forbid, you might have heard it from your boss. But it’s true. Where would the Church be without it, what about our nation, or your homes and relationships? So for the sake of not being redundant (Because your pastor just might teach commitment at the next mid-week Bible Study), I’ll tell you the three areas in which commitment is necessary- time, effort, and resources. Time. Will you give it? We can only expect our quizzers to sacrifice what we’re willing to sacrifice.
Effort. Persevere through obstacles.

Don’t let discouragement, egos, or defeat subtract from the effort you put into this valuable ministry. Resources. You always thought vacation time was for quiet times in Panama City, or for a ride or two on Space Mountain, think again. When you fall in love with the program and see the results of the Word of God blossoming in your quizzer’s hearts, a few days of your precious vacation time will seem like a cheap price to pay. Oh, and by the way, do you happen to know how to make peanut brittle? You do! Great, because fundraising is another area where you resources and imagination will come into – play.

Lastly, our third key is directly related to our perspective of the Bible Quiz Ministry. How we view and what we understand about this program will most definitely affect our enthusiasm. Literally, this word is derived from entheos, meaning God in. What a difference it makes when we see God in all of our endeavors, dreams, and desires. It makes a world of difference doesn’t it?

Let me speak from experience, successful quizzers usually have enthusiastic coaches. Also, enthusiastic coaches and leader usually are good motivators, regardless of how great an orator you may or may not be. Enthusiasm breeds energy. It motivates. It gives hope to any young person or leader committed to this ministry that, yes, “We can make it.”

So there they are. Three simple keys to help those of you already on this wonderful journey called Bible Quizzing, press on, and revitalize your vision, commitment, and enthusiasm. And, for those of you in this great District of Tennessee who have maybe wondered about this ministry or were at one time active in Bible Quizzing, we hope this little essay has caused you to think, “What have 1 been missing?”

The above material was published by Pentecostal Voice of Tennesee, December 1998. This material may be copyrighted and should be used for study and research purposes only.