Keys to Growing a Church

Kennon L. Callahan, in his best-selling book Twelve Keys to an Effective Church, provides a list of 12 elements that usually exist in growing churches. He contends that at least nine of these 12 keys should be present if a church wishes to grow effectively and consistently. Look over the list and see how you compare:

  1. Specific and concrete growth and evangelism goals. They know exactly where they want to go each year.
  2. Weekly visitation by pastor and church members to visitors. Also visitation is made to absentees and other evangelism prospects.
  3. Strong, dynamic – yet compassionate – worship and preaching services.
  4. Significant emphasis on involvement by members and converts in various ministries and small groups of the church. At least 70% involvement.
  5. Strong leadership, with an emphasis upon training current and future laity for significant leadership involvement.
  6. An effective organizational structure that includes active participation by the various lay ministry leaders in the decision-making process.
  7. Several competent ministries and programs that serve the membership and new converts in spiritual growth and evangelism, such as: Sunday School, Home Bible Study, Men’s and Women’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, New Convert Care, Visitor Follow-up, etc.
  8. An open and accessible location near major traffic patterns and communities.
  9. Adequate sanctuary and facilities for worship and Christian education. Simply put: there’s room to grow.
  10. Adequate parking and land for future expansion.       They purchase land with the future in mind.
  11. A high degree of visibility – both in the physical location of the facility and in the community life and news.
  12. Solid financial resources to keep the church’s ministries and program functioning. Growing churches are giving churches.