Ladies Events: Secondhand Treasures

Ladies Events: Secondhand Treasures
Carol Montrey

People are always trying to get rid of stuff they no longer need or want. Many times they will throw away perfectly good furniture, clothing and appliances that other people in your community can use, simply because it’s easier than worrying about selling or donating it. However, if the owners had the opportunity to sell or donate their stuff without all the hassle of hosting their own yard sale, they might jump at the chance. Your church can make it happen by sponsoring a rummage sale in your parking lot or gymnasium. It’s an excellent way to reuse and recycle, mingle with your community and give money-conscious shoppers a chance at great deals! You’ll spend nearly nothing while you’re at it.

Recruit: Ask your unchurched friends and neighbors if they would be interested in participating in the rummage sale. Make a list of participants and schedule a day before the sale for people to bring their goods, price them and set up their table at your church. Each person will be responsible for pricing and selling his/her merchandise, but encourage reasonable and even generous pricing.

Plan: Schedule the sale for a Saturday or Sunday at least a month or two in advance. Have it in the spring or fall if possible, although summer sales can also be very successful.

Advertise: Place a classified ad and press release in your community newspaper. Make a flier with the date and time, a rain date if you have one, “NO early birds” if you don’t want people showing up an hour early, a little map, and some of the best items you have for sale. Make sure the print is easily readable. Distribute the fliers a week in advance and again the night before the sale. On the day of the sale, post several well-placed signs in highly trafficked areas with arrows pointing to your location.

Prepare: Keep grocery bags available, as well as plenty of coins and small bills. Make sure at least two people are stationed at each table.

Promote: Place large signs around the area, noting your church’s service times and special event information.

Donate: Urge sellers to donate part of their proceeds to a local non-profit organization or ministry your church has pre-selected.

The above article, “Ladies Events: Secondhand Treasures,” is written by Carol Montrey. The article was excerpted from 50 Ways to Reach Your Community, Joel Fortune (Editor) 1997.

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This article may not be written be written by an Apostolic author, but it contains many excellent principles and concepts that can be adapted to most churches. As the old saying goes, “Eat the meat. Throw away the bones.”