Ladies Ministries Division

Ladies Ministries Division
By Judy Hudson

Whether the church is small or large, one of the greatest resources possible for growth within the church lies in the spirit of the women. Most churches depend on the women for physical, spiritual and financial support. Although men should be the spiritual leaders of the family, a man cannot accomplish this without the cooperation of his wife. It has been said, “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” The value of a godly woman can not be measured in earthly terms. Only heaven will reveal her worth.

Organizing an active Ladies’ Ministry Division is essential to the financial growth of most churches. When organizing a Ladies’ Ministry Division, include all those who desire to join. Even women who are not active in the church can be included to help on a team. Being included causes them to feel a part of the church. When they become comfortable and make friends, it will be easier to give their lives to God.

In today’s world, most women join the work force outside the home. This factor, added to caring for their husbands and children, often leaves them with very little time to spare. The Ladies’ Division should be organized in such a way that no one person becomes overloaded. To accomplish this the women should be divided into teams. The duties and goals of each team can be different.

If possible, allow each woman to choose the team she wants to join. Each person’s talents differ. Some may enjoy cooking or entertaining, while others may enjoy crafts or projects. Some may be able to work on projects, while it may be more beneficial for others to stay home with their children. These women can offer to also care for other children, thus allowing other moms to work on the projects. Some women may be so involved with other divisions of the church that they cannot be active at all. Be considerate. Do not expect any one person to be involved in every division.

Planning sessions and informative group meetings should be held on a regular basis. Dates and details should be presented at the planning sessions. Gather ideas from all individuals involved with the teams.

Set goals; decide policies on distribution of funds and the percentage or amount to be donated to functions other than local church needs. Each team should be accountable to the others and to the Pastor. This becomes an important key to the success of the team’s organization. All involved should be allowed to introduce new ideas and material to enhance the effectiveness of the Ladies’ Division.

The Scripture speaks of “true religion” in terms of taking care of the widows and orphans, visiting the sick, and caring for those in need. Ladies Division teams should be organized for more than just fund-raising. Caring for the needs of others adds to the spiritual maturity of all involved. People touched by the kindness of others when ill or faced with hard times, are often drawn to the church and find salvation.

When someone becomes ill, nothing brightens the day more than a group of women coming for prayer and bringing flowers. Some might stay to prepare dinner, straighten the home or bathe the children. Doing for others is the basis of true Christianity.

The Pastor’s wife often must bear the entire responsibility of a visiting speaker or an evangelist’s family. This task adds to her busy schedule and the care of her own family. Sometimes this becomes overwhelming. The ladies can be organized to prepare and deliver the afternoon meal for the Pastor’s family and the special quests. This lightens the responsibility and allows the Pastor’s wife more freedom to properly enjoy her guests and enjoy the special services.

This article may not be written by an Apostolic author, but it contains many excellent principles and concepts that can be adapted to most churches. As the old saying goes, “Eat the meat. Throw away the bones.”