Ladies Ministry Involvement Checklist

Ladies Ministry Involvement Checklist
Missy Grimm

Ladies, these are areas in which help is needed. We want each lady to be a part of doing something in the Ladies Ministries Department if you have a desire too. Many of these areas need to be filled by more than one person. Please mark the ones you feel you would be able to take part in, sign it and return to me by next Sunday, October 12. When they are turned in, we will review and divide up the areas between everyone so hopefully no one is overloaded and everyone is taking part in something. There are a few areas in which someone has already agreed to fill the role & these are marked by an asterisk.

I would also like to take this opportunity to stress the importance of attending our monthly Daughters of Zion Meetings if at all possible. They are usually held on the 1st or 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. & are announced in the Sunday bulletin. We pray for our children along with other needs & also usually have a short business meeting to discuss upcoming events, fundraisers, etc.

I also encourage you to be involved in the other ministries such as Prayer, Outreach, Home Bible Studies, etc.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for all your help & together we WILL have Total Church Growth. Missy Grimm

Church Cleaning: All ladies are needed. Please sign up on the calendars on the bulletin board. The supplies are in the utility room to the right of the restroom. When supplies are needed, please make a list & give it to Sis. Nangle. The church can be cleaned anytime after Wednesday service & prior to Sunday morning. Also a light cleaning/pickup needs to be done anytime after Sunday evening and prior to Wed. service. If you need access to the church please contact Sis. Grimm.

Kitchen Cleaning: Cleaning out the refrigerator & straightening the cabinets needs to be done once a month.

*Spring & Fall Deep Cleaning: Sis. Dawn Jones will coordinate a Spring & Fall “deep” church cleaning.

*Supply Purchasing: Sis. Lou Nangle purchases our cleaning supplies & paper products. Please make a list & give to her if you notice we are in need of anything.

Nursery: We need Ladies who are available on an “as needed” basis for: 1) Nursery during Sunday evening services (when preaching starts); and 2) during Super Kids services (when the lesson begins).

Babysitting during Saturday Visitation: We need help when there are any kids who need baby-sifted at the church while parents are doing Saturday church visitation (we will announce the Sunday & Wednesday services prior that parents need to tell us by Wednesday night if they need anyone babysitted).

Food Pantry: Bro. Barry Baker has agreed to shop at 2nd Harvest for us because you have to carry & load everything yourself & we are happy to have the help of a guy for this job. Also he lives close by 2nd Harvest in Gray. He will also unload the items inside the church for us. We need help with:

1) Scheduling the shopping;

2) Stocking the shelves;

3) Coordinating & documenting distribution to the needy on an “as needed” basis, including Christmas boxes; and

4) completing the Monthly reports which are due by the 10th of each month.

Snack Baskets: We make snack baskets for visiting ministers. We also include a thank you card & bottled water. The basket has to be delivered to the hotel (we usually use the Ramada) on the morning of the minister’s arrival.

Showers: Wedding & Baby (1st baby only). Includes: setting date/time, gift registering, purchase of paper products, decorating, games, food & clean-up.

Baby Shower: Sis. Elsie Fallah – Saturday, November 1 at 4:00 p.m.

Ladies Ministries Monthly Newsletter: This is something we have done in the past but we want to start this back. You would need to have a computer & a printer. It could be drafted using either Word or Publisher programs.

Fundraising: Duties include: 1) Sale items (all Ladies are needed); 2) Set date/time of fundraiser; 3) Purchase brochures/items needed; 4) Ensure all funds are turned in. Note: all monies go straight to the Ladies Secretary in an envelope labeled with details. October Fundraiser: Rada Knives (we need to start in the next 1-2wks)

Candle Fundraiser: We want to start back selling candles with the holidays coming up.

Duties include: 1) Ordering candles; 2) Notify Bro. Grimm of labels needed; 3) Pickup of candles from Kimberlee Kandles in Jonesborough; 4) Put labels on jars; 5) Keep inventory. Note: all candles will be pre-paid; 6) Ensure all funds are turned in.

Baptismal Robes & Towels: Sis. Mary Abel will ensure all the baptismal items i.e. robes, towels, hairdryer, shower caps, etc. are kept clean & in place. Bro. Abel is now taking care of the upkeep of the Baptismal tank. We can use help in washing the towels. Please note that if you take the towels they have to be brought back to the church no later than the following service.

Library: Our library books are kept on the shelves in the Kitchen on the lower right wall. Each new book is to be labeled & a card made for it. On a monthly basis, we need to review any “overdue” books & contact the person in order to ensure the book is returned in a timely manner.

Communion/Foot Washing: Ensure items are ready for communion/foot washing. This is done 1-2 times a year.

Benevolence Meals: Organize benevolence meals for deaths in the church family.

Banquets: Coordinate church and ladies banquets. Sunday, November 16 (approximately 6:00 pm) All Nations Sunday Banquet at Carver Recreation Center.

*Ladies Secretary: Sis. Dawn Jones will take care of the Ladies Savings Account. These funds are being kept to pay for additional new sanctuary chairs for our new church. We do not have a Checking Account at this time.

*Travel Coordinator: Sis. Patty Tester will take care of making accommodation reservations for Ladies conferences, etc.

*Women of Praise Coordinator: Sis. Linda Mack will still coordinate the Women of Praise (WOP) group for ladies 50 & older. They meet for visitation, fellowship, prayer, etc. Please contact her if you want to be a part of this group or if you would like more information.

The above article, “Ladies Ministry Involvement Checklist” is written by Missy Grimm. The material is excerpted from Praise and Truth, UPCI Johnson City, TN. Used with permission.

The material is most likely copyrighted and should not be reprinted under any other name or author. However, this material may be freely used for personal study or research purposes.