Learning to Delegate

A pastor asked me some time back, “How can I delegate if I don’t have qualified people in my church to utilize?” This pastor understood that a fundamental aspect of growth is delegation. Quite simply, to grow you must develop a quality leadership team.

To grow, a pastor is often forced to use people who are initially lacking in leadership gifts. But as long as a person is a loyal and faithful Christian and has a willingness to work and follow instruction, they can be used. A pastor should work closely with them: consider men, women, even mature teens.

If a church averages 60 or more in attendance, a pastor should consider having the following ministry leaders: Sunday School, Home Bible Study, Guest Follow-up, Outreach, Bus or Car Ministry, Youth, Music, New Convert Care, Promotions, Ladies Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Prayer Ministry.

Each must have a detailed job description. In the beginning, keep this focused on the basics. Later, you can always add more creative details.

The key to using marginally gifted individuals is to work closely with them. A pastor should be committed to holding an annual fall planning retreat to prepare for the coming year. This is a brainstorming session with all leaders to discuss the goals and plans of each department and provides each department with clear direction for the coming year.

A pastor must also be committed to meeting with his leaders, as a group, on an off-church night, to implement this plan. Each month, the group looks ahead three months and does detailed planning on all events and ministry improvements. Each leader hands in a simple written report that provides accountability for their major duties and responsibilities.

A pastor should also consider having a weekly tag-in. Held either before or after a church service, it lasts about five minutes and follows up on any assignments given at the monthly meeting. In addition to providing access and encouragement, it also fosters team unity.

Moses felt inadequate. But God asked him, “What is that in thine hand?” (Exodus 4:2). Moses used what he had and with the help of God, accomplished his calling. Pastor, who is in your church? Within your current membership are people who, if given the chance, can help you fulfill God’s plan for your community.