Leebo the Clown – 4:18 Ministries

Pastor Mark Johnson

By Charlotte L. Pound

“Calling all pastors wanting to reach your city; grow your bus ministry and Sunday school; and who desire to train your saints to bring in the lost and then mentor those new babes in Christ, 4:18 Ministries wants to partner with you!”—Lee Fowler of Elkhart, Indiana

Bro. Lee Fowler, founder of 4:18 Ministries, believes and teaches that any church can experience strong revival and growth through the children of their Sunday School Department. What began as a bus ministry in 2009, has flourished into a thriving, full-time ministry, helping churches grow by reaching out. “What better way to draw an entire family to a church than to entertain their children with free activities, food, and prizes? Our belief is that by ministering to a child it is possible to reach an entire family,” he said.

4:18 Ministries offers a complete, turn-key service to a local church. “We supply everything needed with just one call,” Bro. Fowler said. “Bounce houses, mini-golf, cotton candy and popcorn machines, grills for cooking hotdogs, coolers, tables, tents, stage, sound,  registration papers, tickets for prizes, fliers and more.  Most importantly we have the experience and the know-how to help your church do a top notch job of blessing your community and touching lives.  Our simple check list and instructions can make even the largest block parties extremely easy on you and your staff.”

4:18 Ministries strives to see the Kingdom grow through showing churches the many ways to evangelize, connect and retain guests. “We offer simple family-day type programs all the way to massive community services with evangelistic preaching and results,” Bro. Fowler said.

A highlight of the events is Leebo the Clown, who will minister to young and old alike with the Gospel of Christ.  Fast paced, illustrated sermons, that captivate one’s attention, are used and involve physical participation of the audience.  The sermons plant basic principals of salvation that encourage response from those watching.
The events are always tailored to the needs of the local church. “We spend time talking with the pastor and their ministry team about what their short and long term goals are. We can focus on building a bus ministry, expanding a Sunday school or gaining Bible studies. We are always reaching out to a whole community, as we train the local church in personal evangelism and connecting with people before the event,” Bro. Fowler said.

The Block Party is usually held in a church parking lot. When the “party” is over, the guests are invited to come into the church, where the prizes will be handed out after a very concentrated and Christ-centered worship service.  “The local pastor preaches a short relevant message on sin and the altars are opened. Afterward the local church is empowered to begin using the tools and mentoring that we set up with their ministry team days before. We then follow up with pastors, outreach directors, bus drivers and Bible study teachers to help them be as effective as possible with the new converts so that retention is maximized,” he said.

Bro. Fowler cited many great results across the country. “In Steele, Missouri (Pastor Jeremy Damesworth) we saw more than 15% of the entire city attend the block party with Soul Winner’s Boot Camp. In South Bend, Indiana (Pastor Mike McKinnies) we saw record crowds and 30 baptized. In Benton Harbor, Michigan (Pastor Billy Long) we witnessed 22 baptized. In Louisville, Kentucky at General Conference with Matt Maddix , of Soul Winner’s Boot Camp, we had more than 1,000 in attendance and 138 receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. In Atlanta, Georgia (Pastor Tim Downs) we had 858 registered guests in one weekend.”

Bro. Fowler attends Life Tabernacle in Elkhart, Indiana (Mark Johnson, Pastor).He can be contacted through the web site: www.418ministries.org where there is extensive information about the ministry. You also can contact him via email lee@418ministries.org or phone 574-386-4299