Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Lesson One: The Ministry of Evangelism

A. What is Evangelism?
• A presentation of Jesus as Savior and Lord
• Declaration of a specific message with a specific application
• Exhortation addressed to sinners to accept Christ as their personal savior
• The work of communication with men

B. Who is an Evangelist?
• Scriptural Reference: II Timothy 4:5
• Evangelist: a publisher of glad tidings
• Part of the Five-Fold Ministry of the church
• God-called and ordained
• A soul-winner!

C. What is the Message?
• Scriptural Reference: Acts 13:32, Acts 2:38
• This message is specific, not vague!
• Death = Repentance
• Burial = Baptism
• Resurrection = Holy Ghost

D. Result of Evangelism
• Scriptural Reference: Acts 17:32-34
• What is the ultimate goal?
• To win souls for Jesus Christ
• What is the reality of evangelism?
• This goal is not always reached
• What is the one goal evangelism should reach?
• Bringing people to a place of decision

Lesson One
Self Help Test

A. Give the three occasions where the Great Commission was given.
1. ______________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________

B. Give the five commands given in the Great Commission.
1. ______________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________________
5. ______________________________________________________

C. State clearly the Evangelist’s Authority to go into a new area to evangelize.

D. What does it mean to be Christ’s ambassador?

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