Letters for Reaching Unsaved Parents of Children



Letter 1

March 16, 1986


Dear Parent:

Thank you for allowing your child to attend Elim Tabernacle Sunday School. Everyone of our Sunday School teachers have one common goal in mind, and that is to teach your child to the very fullness of their
ability the things about God. Classrooms are decorated and lessons taught, so that they are interesting to the students. Not all lessons are taught in the classroom. With summer around the corner some of the
teachers take their class to the park. There the lesson is taught.

I believe in Sunday School. I know that it works, because of the long hours our teachers put in preparing the less on. Your son or daughter has a better understanding of what the Bible has to say about today.
With Easter just around the corner, March 30, 1986, I know that you will be thinking of going to church somewhere.

At this time I would like to extend a warm welcome for you to attend Elim Tabernacle Easter Sunday as a family. Think of how excited your son or daughter would be at the thought of you attending their Sunday
School. Once again I want to thank you for allowing your child to attend our Sunday School here at Elim Tabernacle.

Lets make this Easter Sunday a family day.

Yours truly,


John Butcher
Sunday School Superintendent


(The was published by the Elim Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church in Milwaukee, WI.)






Letter 2


It is a privilege to have your children in our Sunday School. We want you to know that we appreciate you and your children very much.

The members of the United Pentecostal Church, and myself would like to extend a special invitation for all of your family to visit our church.

We are interested in you and your problems. If we can be of service to you in any way, please feel free to call on me at the following telephone number __________. It would be a pleasure to be of help to you.









Letter 3


Congratulations: This past Sunday you did the finest thing any parents could do for their children – sending them to Sunday School.

Why are we congratulating you?

(1) Because you are not only interested in providing for your child physically and mentally, but also spiritually.

(2) Because you are sending your child to a Sunday School which will teach him of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible and of Godliness.

(3) Because you are seeing that your child will develop his mind, his personality, and his character through the teaching of the Sunday School.

(4) Because you are placing your child in a group of Sunday School boys and girls of which, according to statistics ninety-eight per cent never get into serious crime or trouble.

(5) Because you have acknowledged a parent’s responsibility as quoted by our F.B.I. Chief, J. Edgar Hoover, “to see that their children have the opportunity to receive the more formal training of the Sunday

We count it a privilege to provide your child’s Sunday School training and wish to thank you For letting us have the opportunity of doing so.

In closing, I would like to mention that there is only one thing better than sending your children to Sunday School and that is bringing them yourself. A real welcome is awaiting you at our Sunday School. We have classes for all ages, so come next Sunday and bring the whole family.







Letter 4


We enjoyed having your child with us in Sunday School this past Sunday. It was a pleasure to be able to tell him of Jesus and to see him learn with the others.

By sending your child to Sunday School you have shown that you care for your child and realize that spiritual knowledge is just as important as secular knowledge. Through Sunday School your child has a
better than average chance of being a well developed person. Statistics have proven that over 90 percent of the youth of America that were brought up in Sunday School never have a crime record.

In our Sunday School, your child has been placed with a group of children near his own age and the lessons are taught on a level that he can understand and that will neither “go over his head” nor be boring to him.

There is still one more thing that you can do for your child and that is to come to Sunday School with him. By coming with your child, you show your child that you are concerned with his welfare and that you are interested in what he is doing.







Letter 5


Did you know that, according to latest statistics, NINE OUT OF EVERY TEN FAMILIES IN AMERICA ARE UNHAPPY? According to F.B.I. Chief, J. Edgar Hoover, the lack of religious training is one of the
primary causes of this crisis:

I am writing this letter to tell you how much we at the United Pentecostal Church appreciate your concern and thoughtfulness as parents in supplying your children with religious training and for letting us help provide this training for them.

We anxiously await the arrival of your children each Sunday as we have worked hard to provide Sunday School classes and Church services that they will enjoy and look forward to. BUT THIS IS NOT ENOUGH: IT HAS BEEN PROVEN THAT THE CHILDREN WHO STAY IN CHURCH AND STAY OUT OF TROUBLE ARE THOSE WHOSE PARENTS GO WITH THEM.

Many of the parents of our Sunday School children have set aside Sunday morning as a time for the whole family to gather together and go to the House of God. Why not join this growing group? I guarantee that your family will find the happiness that the nine out of ten are missing today.

See you next Sunday?





(The original source and/or publisher of the last 4 above letters are unknown.)