Live Churches, Dead Churches

Jason Apple

LIVE CHURCHES have space problems; parking, classrooms, etc…

DEAD CHURCHES have room to spare.

LIVE CHURCHES are always changing things with an eye towards

DEAD CHURCHES always stay just the same.

LIVE CHURCHES have noisy children and young people.

DEAD CHURCHES are quiet and serene.

LIVE CHURCHES usually have a shortage of staff.

DEAD CHURCHES usually have a surplus.

LIVE CHURCHES are consistently overspending their budgets.

DEAD CHURCHES maintain large bank accounts.

LIVE CHURCHES struggle to remember new names and new faces.

DEAD CHURCHES everybody knows everyone else and have for years!

LIVE CHURCHES are filled with givers/tithers/sacrificers.

DEAD CHURCHES are filled with tippers.

LIVE CHURCHES respect and honor their ministers.

DEAD CHURCHES criticize everything their minister does.

LIVE CHURCHES operate primarily on Faith.

DEAD CHURCHES operate totally on sight.

LIVE CHURCHES strain to learn and serve.

DEAD CHURCHES seek rest and comfort.

LIVE CHURCHES evangelize.

DEAD CHURCHES fossilize!

(The above material appeared in the October 1992 issue of The
Mississippi Torch.)