Living Churches

Living churches have parking problems;
dying churches don’t.

Living churches have lots of noisy activities;
dying churches don’t.

Living churches have the annoying habit of outspending their income;
dying churches take in more money than they ever dream of spending.

Living churches are always looking toward the future for ways to serve;
dying churches are all too happy to worship their glorious past.

Living churches seem to change so frequently you can forget a lot of names;
dying churches are where everybody has known everybody’s name for years.

Living churches support missions even if it hurts a little;
dying churches keep it all at home.

Living churches dream great dreams for the Lord;
dying churches are content to relive old nightmares.

Living churches don’t find “can’t” in the dictionary;
dying churches don’t find much else.

Living churches evangelize;
dying churches fossilize!

From The Parish Post – January, 1990
The First Church in Weymouth, MA