Local Church Crusade Handbook


Single Church Evangelistic Crusade!

Each Crusade begins and ends with the local church. Whether it be a united area-wide Crusade or a “Single Church” Evangelistic Crusade, it is the church that receives the blessing of spiritual revival and the joy of receiving into its fellowship those who give their lives to Christ.

In past meetings we have found that the more personally involved people become the greater the blessing they receive. Although it is the job of the evangelist to preach, it is the church that provides the personnel for the committees who assist in preparing, conducting and following-up the series of meetings.

Several basic committees have proven to be effective and necessary in planning an effective single church meeting. We believe that the following committees are essential:

Steering Committee

The pastor, chairmen and co-chairmen of all working committees, additional members-at-large as necessary, make up this committee. As its name indicates this committee will coordinate all decisions, activities, dates, expenditures and other details related to the meetings.

Working Committees

Arrangements Committee Attendance Committee

Music Committee Nursery Committee

Prayer Committee Publicity Committee

Outreach Committee Youth Committee

Counseling and Follow-up Committees

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” -Proverbs 16:9

Suggested Schedule of Major Activities before the Crusade.

Month #6 to 4
-Initial Planning Session (date:_____/_____/_____)

Month #4 to 3
-Committee Organization and Planning Meeting: (date:_____/_____/_____)
-Committees Order Materials:
-Brief general announcements of the Crusade dates and evangelist to congregation.
-Brief general announcement in one congregational mailing(s)

Week #5
-Morning message on “Personal Evangelism” or “Witnessing” (date:_____/_____/_____)
-Pastor’s letter to congregation promoting training classes (dated: Monday_____/_____/_____)
-Training classes begin (Wednesday nights or on one weekend; Friday night & Saturday morning, etc.)
*Note: These classes can be taught by staff evangelist or Senior Pastor.

Week #4
-Morning message on “Prayer” (date:_____/_____/_____)
-Afternoon of prayer and meditation at church: 2:00 – 5:00p.m. (date:_____/_____/_____)
*Pastor’s letter to congregation promoting prayer groups (date:_____/_____/_____)
-Home prayer groups begin each Tuesdays and Fridays, 10:30a.m. and 7:30p.m.
-Begin Saturday Men’s Prayer Breakfast (date:_____/______/_____)
-Begin other “special” prayer groups: Youth, Professional, etc.

Week #3
-Morning message on “Outreach” (date:_____/_____/_____)
-Enclose Outreach Card in bulletin(s)
-Letter and Outreach Card to congregation promoting Outreach Program (dated: Monday_____/______/______)

Week #2
-Morning message on “Involvement” (date:_____/_____/_____) (Possibly a guest speaker can speak).
-Pastor’s letter to congregation on total involvement in Crusade (dated: Monday_____/_____/_____)(Witnessing, Prayer, Outreach, Choir, Ushering)
-Pastor’s invitational letter to other churches in community (date:_____/_____/______)
-Publicity committee work executed; (Posters in stores and on lawns, newspapers, churches, banners across streets, etc.) Choir and ushers recruited and rehearsals as necessary.
*Pastor’s letter to congregation on Visitation (dated: Thursday_____/_____/_____) Emphasizing…… Come to church next Sunday – Bring box lunch and work on Visitation program…Crusade Walk

Week #1 or weekend of Crusade
-Morning message on “Visitation” (date:_____/_____/_____)
-Crusade Walk (Visitation dates:_____/_____/_____)
-Sunday afternoon primarily and remainder during weekday evenings to complete work and revisit those not at home.

Crusade Week
Times: Sundays_________________and/or_______________ Nightly ______________

Visitation to all “no response” homes early in the week
Outreach, Choir, Ushering, Counseling (All Committees — 100% involvement)

Following the Crusade
Follow-up ministries to those making commitments

**All the letters should be direct and to the point; warm, brief and not “wordy” (never more than three short paragraphs.)


Chairman ____________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________

This is an area which is sometimes overlooked, but is of great importance to families who have young children.

1. The Nursery Committee should be chaired by a lady who, in turn, with her two co-chairmen will recruit (meaning commit) women who will take their turn in assuming the responsibility of infants and young children during the meetings. (It may be possible to use the regular nursery staff, but with several additional helpers added.)

2. It is recommended that children six years and over accompany their parents to church (or as regular church nursery policy indicates). Check on this with a couple of people with children.

3. It is recommended that the ladies in charge be established Christians in order to allow those who are not mature in the Lord to attend the meetings. In all cases, the nursery should be wired for sound from the auditorium so the workers may participate in the services at least in part.


Chairman ____________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________

1. The Youth Committee is to inform and encourage involvement of young people in the entire program — Counseling, Choir, Ushers, Outreach, Prayer, Attendance, etc.

2. Special emphasis should be given to attendance in the training classes in the early stages of preparation. Usually 15 is the minimum age for counseling, but exceptions are made when the young person exhibits exceptional understanding and maturity. All teenagers should be encouraged to attend classes.

3. Wherever possible, the evangelist should be scheduled at school assemblies, athletic banquets, etc., to extend the outreach of the meetings to as many youth as possible.

4. A local, outstanding Christian athlete can possibly be featured the first night of the two scheduled “Youth Nights” to give his testimony. A barbecue for young people before the service, coke and pizza after the service, another night with guitar-led singing, selected testimonies, etc.

5. The Attendance Committee will aid in the promotion of general attendance during the Crusade meetings.


Chairman ____________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________

On the Go Outreach Program

It may be said without doubt… “If the Outreach Program is successful, the Crusade is a guaranteed success. If this plan fails, the Crusade, also, will probably be much less than it could have been!”

1. In its simplest form, the Outreach Program is the personal, individual involvement of a Christian in bringing the unchurched and uncommitted to the meetings to hear the Gospel.

The four-steps of the program is:

a. Pray, beginning now, for specific people (Family, Relatives, Friends, Co-Workers, Acquaintances, Strangers) you know who need to come to know Christ in a more meaningful way.

b. Invite them to the meetings.

c. Encourage a decision for Christ.

d. Help and support them as they follow Christ.

2. The Outreach Committee should schedule to present this program to all the groups in the church.

3. An “Outreach Sunday” should be planned with the pastor in advance of the meetings; On The Go Outreach Cards distributed in that service; the message preached on this topic and definite commitments to the program made.

4. Even during the actual Crusade meetings, this program should be re-emphasized.

5. It should be re-emphasized that if the Outreach Program works, the Crusade will be successful. If it fails, the Crusade may also be unsuccessful. It is not sufficient only to announce! This plan must be given maximum ACTION by the majority of the church membership.


1. Determine the geographic area to be visited (as large as possible).

2. Recruit an area chairman for each major geographic area. Specific area assignments are necessary to avoid overlooking and overlapping.

3. Have group meeting with area chairmen to challenge and inform them of responsibilities.

4. Area chairmen, in turn, recruit and assign outreach workers. Nearly everyone can participate as this is a threshold visit only (no census or evangelism, as such). In fact, visitors should not enter the homes on this particular visit, except in an unusual situation. A verbal invitation is to be given, an advertising leaflet left and transportation offered.

5. Encourage total membership to participate as outreach workers.

For example, a “Outreach Sunday” has proven most successful. Families are encouraged to bring lunch to church; beverages provided immediately following the worship service while final instructions and assignments are given (the total assignment completed that afternoon).

6. After outreach work has been completed, a report should be compiled for pastor’s review.

7. Coordinate printing and supply of material with the Crusade chairman.

-Using social action and help to show God’s love and your concern

Telephone and Transportation
-Setting up teams to call: phone book, prospect lists, Sunday school rolls, church list, etc.

-Providing a labor team to transport and coordinate rides for youth and adults to services and events

-Print and provide tracts, booklets, testimonies and information that can be used to draw peoples interest in the crusade and Christ.

-Using the media to get the Gospel message out and also to announce training classes and follow-up.


Chairman ____________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________

1. Recruit at least two prayer division leaders — the home division, which is the backbone of the program, and the special division to include business, professional, youth, etc.

2. Give necessary organizational assistance so divisions can reach the largest possible involvement.

3. Help promote prayer in all regularly organized church groups and do whatever is necessary to encourage group leaders and individual involvement both outside and inside the church prayer groups.

4. Prayer groups should meet in homes, possibly Tuesday and Friday mornings and evenings; special groups as possible, i.e., Saturday morning men’s breakfast, luncheons, after school “prayer snacks” for youth, etc.

5. Coordinate necessary materials for prayer groups with the church office. (Mailings, prayer cards, posters, etc.)

6. Encourage other pastors and congregations in the community to pray with your church in this special, all-out project of community-wide prayer saturation.

7. Additionally, quite apart from the group meeting on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, etc., every church member should be encouraged to spend five to ten minutes daily in personal prayer for the Crusade.

8. Several churches have used a 24-hour “prayer chain” to good advantage. This may be scheduled immediately prior to the opening Crusade meeting. Volunteers should be enlisted for a specific period of time to cover the entire 24-hour period leading up to the 11:00 a.m. service. Some may be able to be responsible for a half hour, some for 15 minutes, etc. Even in the difficult hours of the early morning at least one person, if not more, should be in prayer.


Chairman ____________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________

1. The Publicity Committee is a very important avenue in extending the Crusade to the public. Essentially, its prime task is to inform the entire community of the Crusade meeting by means of posters, radio spot announcements, newspaper advertising, street banners, handbills, etc. (Bumper strips are generally not recommended unless your church membership represents the majority of people in town and thereby provides maximum coverage.)

2. A sample advertising packet is available, consisting of materials which will be of help in promoting these meetings, along with a materials order blank for your convenience in ordering stock items.

3. This committee, to do an effective job, must explore every possible media to communicate the fact that something very special is taking place in your church.


Chairman ____________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________

1. Determine and schedule personnel: Director, instrumentalists, quartets, soloists, etc.

2. Determine and order music to be used. Schedule choir numbers, soloists and special groups.

3. Recruit (meaning commit) choir members. The Music Committee should carry the responsibility of a personal contact with each music director or choir leader in the church(s) and in the community. To sing in the Crusade choir, one should be at least 15 years of age. Choirs from other churches should be invited to rehearsal and participate.

4. Usually the existing instruments in the church or facility will be adequate, but not always. A proper, in tune, instrument may need to be rented or provided.

5. Coordinate choir rehearsal dates.


Chairman ____________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________

The pastor or his personally designated representative will want to serve as chairman of this committee which will take care of the general arrangements, ushering and finances pertaining to all meetings in the church.

General Arrangements

The venue or church should be opened, lights turned on, heating and/or air conditioning cared for and PA System in order in sufficient time for the meeting to begin. Overflow facilities may need to be considered with attention given to seating arrangements, sound, and traffic pattern to this overflow area. All “emergency” procedures should be reviewed in advance.


If possible regular usher staff should be scheduled to usher (along with local church volunteers) at the meetings since they are already familiar with the ushering details; receiving the offering, distribution of necessary materials and crowd control related to the building. Special attention may need to be given to the overflow facilities as the ushers play the key role in directing the congregation to these facilities as well as receiving the offering, distributing material, etc., on such special occasions.


A budget should be established well in advance of the meetings in consultation with the finance committee. Decisions should be made as to the amount each committee can spend as well as the total expense. A decision also should be made regarding the amount to be raised through the offerings during the meetings. Usually monies are already designated in the church’s budget to care for at least a portion of such special events. Check with the pastor regarding any funds to be designated to special purposes.


Chairman ____________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________

1. The Attendance Committee has the responsibility of promoting through every possible avenue special attendance projects that will foster better crowds.

2. Some suggestions that have been pursued successfully are: (These are primarily for local church meetings)

A. Youth Nights – At least two a week to be designated by the evangelist in consultation with the committee. The sermon will be for young people and their parents and the youth departments of the church should be responsible or attendance those nights. A Christian Athlete may be advisable to give his testimony on these nights. A youth barbecue, singspiration, sports competition, etc., and other possibilities may be developed.

B. Community Church Night- Possibly Tuesday night at which time pastors of the neighboring churches will be invited to participate in the service with prayer, scripture reading, etc. Also, delegations should be encouraged to attend in mass from all of the area churches; this may be enlarged to more than one night.

C. “Pak-A-Pew” – The goal here is to fill a pew. Responsibility for this can be discharged in several different ways: an individual, a family, a business, or professional contact, etc.

D. Special Emphasis Night – Men’s groups, Ladies groups and other special emphasis may be promoted other evenings of the crusade.

3. All of the work of the Attendance Committee should dovetail with the Outreach Committee, Visitation Committee and other groups promoting general attendance and in no way conflict but supplement.

4. Specific plans, responsibilities and understanding are absolutely vital here. NOTHING LEFT TO CHANCE OR SIMPLY FOLLOWED IN A GENERAL WAY!


Chairman ____________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________
Co-Chairman _________________________________________________________

1. Establish dates and schedule instructor for training classes. Determine and order materials to be used in training program.

2. Recruit (meaning commit) prospective counselors and advisors to attend classes. The committee should accept responsibility to contact each Sunday School teacher and group leader in the church(s) to recruit as many people as possible to attend. Maximum attendance should be the goal in these classes. Even though an individual may not plan to counsel in the Crusade, he can greatly benefit from the classes. Additionally, a nucleus of 50 to 100 of the “best” people in the church should be personally recruited by
the pastor for this training.

3. Determine the area where counselors and advisors will sit during each meeting. Seating assignments may need to be the second row from the front or possibly throughout the auditorium. The counseling plan is to pair a counselor with each inquirer of the same sex and age group. Most of this pairing may be done after the evangelist has prayed with those coming forward. He will turn them over to the counselors.

4. Work out seating, pairing, and counseling procedure with class instructor, evangelist and pastor(s).

5. During the Crusade meetings, the counseling committee will oversee the counseling activities by serving as counselors and advisors.

6. Follow-up procedures should be carefully planned with the pastor(s), new member classes, home bible study, prayer groups for new believers, etc.

(The above material was published by On the Go Ministries, Keith Cook Ministries, Springfield, TN.)

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