Looking For Love: In All the Wrong Places

By Bonnie Peacock

I lost two pounds this week! As I walk into the living room, I wonder. Will he notice?

I’ve worked extra hard at work lately. Does my boss appreciate all the effort?

I had a visitor at church last Sunday morning. I’m sure my pastor thinks I’m a soul winner

I spent too much money on this dress, purse, and shoes. I can’t believe no one complimented me!

My heart is broken. I need someone to put their arms around me and love me. Where is my pastor’s wife anyway?

I have needs and desires. It isn’t wrong. I was wired that way. I need love, affection, attention, affirmation, recognition, to be included, and to feel valued.

With all my neediness it is possible for those around me to be continually drained. When they themselves feel depleted, they may even avoid me, which only adds to my misery.

I have found a cure!

When I spend time each morning in prayer – allowing the Lord to bathe me with His love, peace, and joy, I receive strength and a sense of completeness. Basking in His presence calms and refreshes, and the void inside me is filled to overflowing. I do need and want people in my life, but when they do not live up to my expectations I am not devastated.

Praying in the Spirit every day accomplishes two things. When I allow the Holy Ghost free reign, He prays for things I do not even realize I iced and my infirmities are healed. (See Romans 8:26-27.)

After leaving His presence, I have confidence. I have been adored unconditionally by my Savior. With undivided attention, He has listened to my every word – my every concern. He has wrapped His strong arms of love and peace around me. I feel safe. I am loved. I have the approval of the only One who matters anyway.

I have noticed that when my heart is filled to overflowing with the love of God, my relationships are better. People want to be around me. I no longer drain them of their peace, joy, and strength. Often, I even have an abundance of my own that I can share with them.

Talking to God keeps me in right relationship with Him and is critical to my growth as a Christian. However, I have also found that by making daily prayer my, radical changes have taken place in my life:
– Repentance and forgiveness takes years off my face, a weight off my heart, and adds a spring to my steps.
– Worship adds a shine and radiance that no cosmetic can reproduce.
– Thankfulness for my husband and family, my job and possessions, my friends and church
Family changes my outlook and lifts the heavy load of responsibility.
– When God’s peace and joy reign in my heart and mind, others want what I have.
– As I allow God’s love to flow through me, I can make a difference in someone’s life every day

What a difference it made when I stopped looking for love in all the wrong places!

From, “The Louisiana Challenger”/Page 6, by Bonnie Peacock