Ministry Resources: Issue 20-2

o Music Ministry: The Lead Sheet by Barry Winders

o Music and Entertainment by Gary D Erickson

o Assimilating New People Into The Church by Dr David D Durey

o Celebrate “Second Birthdays!” by Stefanie Reubell

o Making Your Outreach Ministry Effective and Organized by Dale Collins Jr

o Reaching Gays For God by David Aikman

o Prayer Transforms a City by David Baker Sr

o How to Pray For The Lost by Devin Clark

o Making The Digital Connection by Chuck Hochreiter

o Advertising Your Church Has Changed by Ken Godevenos

o Face Off: Where Should Children Worship by Jessica Nelson & Debbie Rowley

o Speak No Evil by Stephanie Martin

o Teen Talk by Titus Benton

o The Secret Combination: B-45 by Mark DeVries

o Obtaining Commitment by Michelle Minhalakis

o How To Convince or Persuade People To Receive a Bible Study by James Jackson

o Your Women’s Ministry: First Day at School by Julia Bettencourt

o Fast Ideas For Recruiting And Retaining Women’s Ministry Volunteers by Linda Branaugh

o Men’s Ministry- Purpose First, Strategy Second, Structure Third by Mark Howell

o Eight Question to Ask Before Starting New Ministries by Gary L McIntosh