Ministry Resources: Issue 27-12


Issue 27-12


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Home Bible Studies
o Contact, Context, and Friendship
o How to Help Someone Make the Best Decision 

o How to Honor Singles in Your Church 
o Other Ways That Churches Can encourage Strong Marriages

o Ideas for Men’s Ministry and Mission 
o Starting a Men’s Ministry 

o Spiritual Preparation 
o How to Improve Your Church Music Ministry 

New Convert
o Trickle-Down Discipleship 
o A New Process of Assimilating New Converts 

o Nursing Home Evangelism
o Best Practices for Evangelism and Hospitality 

o Everything Starts with Prayer
o Just Push

o The Value of High-Quality Photography and Design for Church Media 
o Intro to Social Media Video for Churches

Sunday School
o Getting Started with a Winning Sunday School
o Why People Choose a Sunday School Class

o Teens Twice as Likely to Identify as Atheist or LGBT
o General Youth Ministry Outreach Ideas