Ministry Resources: Issue 28-11


Issue 28-11


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Home Bible Studies
o How to Teach the Bible for Beginners
o 9 Reasons Introverts Can Do Well in Ministry

o How Are Those Resolutions Going?
o The Breathtaking Love We Tend to Forget

o Influence In The World, Do People Want What You Have?
o The Power of a Leader

o What We Lost When We Lost Our Hymnals 
o The Danger of Same-ness in Our Song

New Convert
o Should I Be Building My Own Platform
o 5 Positive Insights to Help You Lead Negative People 

o Do You Listen Enough When You Evangelize
o 4 Ways to Integrate Singles in the Local Church

o It’s Time to Regain First-Generation Faith
o 3 Factors Churches Must Consider Before Partnering in Missions

o 8 Signs Your Church is Actually Reaching Unchurched People
o 5 Ways Your Church Can Use Text-Messaging to Reach More People 

Sunday School
o 5 Reasons Why a Handwritten “Thank You” Note Can Make a Difference
o Take Sunday School Into the Home with Online Family Devotions 

o Youth Ministry is Not Just a Stepping Stone
o 7 Ways to Create a Thriving Volunteer Culture in Your Team