Ministry Resources: Issue 28-12


Issue 28-12


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Home Bible Studies
o The Baptismal Formula in Scripture and History
o 3 Ways to Share the Good News 

o Effective Small Groups Answer Questions Women are NOT Asking
o Developing Credibility as a Leader

o Deconstructing Feminized Fatherhood
o Good News: Men’s Ministry Can Work

o A Case for the Church Choir
o A Tip for Worship Leaders

New Convert
o The Puritans on the Good Source, Effects, and Benefits of Holiness
o Simple Small Group Agenda

o Could This Be the Biggest Myth in Evangelism Today?
o Eight Steps to Turning Your Church Around

o Hope Inspires Prayer
o Loving Your Children and Grandchildren through Fasting and Prayer

o Do You Need an App for your Church?
o Group Messaging Technology: Your Key To Great Communication

Sunday School
o How to Become Like a Child—Without Losing Adult’s Respect
o The Days of a Snack and a Story are Long Gone

o When Christian Leaders Don’t Read the Word Regularly and Consistently
o Training People to Teach