Ministry Resources: Issue 28-2


Issue 28-2


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Home Bible Studies
o Ten Commandments For HBS Leaders
o 7 Ways to Suffocate Your Small HBS Group

o 5 Wonderful War Room Prayers for Women in Leadership 
o Helping Ladies Find Purpose

o 7 Ways God Will Evaluate Your Faithfulness
o Consumed by Consumption and Possessed by Possessions

o Keyboard Player Needed
o 8 Ways a Worship Leader Can be a Good Host at Rehearsal

New Convert
o The 3 Hardest Words to Say in the English Language
o Evangelism That Flows

o 10 Rudest Things People Do in Church
o 3 Big Reasons People Leave Your Church

o 5 Tips to Increase the Missions Ministry Offering
o An International Bazaar: Around the World in 80+ Minutes

o Using Direct Mail to Launch or Build Your Congregation 
o Church Facebook Ads Work Well When They Answer THIS Question

Sunday School
o 6 Easy VBS Tips That’ll Make Leading a Breeze 
o 3 Tips for Promoting VBS on Social Media 

o 10 Ways to be a Better Youth Leader
o Preparing Your Heart For Service