Ministry Resources: Issue 28-3


Issue 28-3


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Home Bible Studies
o 12 Keys to an Effective H.O.S.T.
o How to Lead a Small Group Bible Study + Lesson Ideas

o Be Still and Know That You’re Not God
o 10 Ways to Transform Your Marriage

o Appointed Not Recruited 
o 10 Choices You Can Make to Start Overcoming

o What Congregational Worship Needs More Of
o Hire the Right Worship Pastor 

New Convert
o Creating an Irresistible Small Group Environment 
o Millennial Perspectives on Small Groups & More

o Local Church Standards in Evangelism 
o The Impact of Church Conflict On Church Growth

o Missions at Risk – A Failure of Nerve
o The World at North America’s Doorstep

o 12 Emails You Can Send to Your Church
o Here’s How to Be a Smarter Christian with Social Media

Sunday School
o Sunday School Teacher Responsibilities and Duties
o Leading a Church to Be Evangelistic: Getting the Nursery Ready

o 3 Tips to Preserving Your Kid’s Online Life
o 5 Ways to Handle Conflict With Grace