Ministry Resources: Issue 28-6


Issue 28-6


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Home Bible Studies
o Be Not Deceived by Your City
o The Big God Behind Your ‘Small’ Ministry 

o 6 Ways to Overcome Sadness
o Ministering to Women with a Hospitalized Family Member

o 8 Reasons You Need to Thank God for Your Job Today
o The One Thing Husbands Need to Know About Their Wives

o Three Ways to Improve Your Worship Planning 
o How to Have a Great Week as a Worship Pastor 

New Convert
o Show Them How to Live for Christ 
o How to Make Your Group Feel Like a Community

o 9 Reasons Some Churches Will Not Reach College Students 
o Your 6 Questions Evangelism Action Plan The Disciple Maker Team 

o 8 Simple Ways to Pray for Your Church Today 
o Teaching Our Children to Pray 

o 8 Things to Do When Your Church is in a Bad Location 
o 9 Things a Messy Church Building Says 

Sunday School
o 7 Reasons I Would Regularly Do a Children’s Sermon During the Worship Service  
o The Importance of Children’s Choir 

o What I Learned at the Taco Bell Drive Through
o What Makes Millennials Stay in Church