Ministry Resources: Issue 28-7


Issue 28-7


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Home Bible Studies
o Small Groups: On-Campus or Off-Campus?
o Why Choosing the Right Small Group Leader Matters 

o Every Family Needs a Grandma Lois 
o Love and Marriage Goes Together Like…

o 6 Mistakes Leaders Make When Inheriting A New Team
o How To Transform Your Leadership With 5 Simple “To Do” Items

o How to Mic Right 
o 5 Smart Ways to Recruit Church Tech Volunteers 

New Convert
o What Do You Say To Someone Who Listens To A False Teacher 
o Discipleship: Preventing Pastoral Burnout 

o Reaching Out to Non-Believers this Holiday Season 
o When Conservatism Isn’t Enough 

o 5 Challenges to Future Missionaries
o 3 Lessons for Military Ministry 

o Can Multi-Site Work in a Rural Context?
o Listen to Younger Generations About A Social Media Plan

Sunday School
o 3 Ways to Make Your Nursery Safe and Sound 
o Slammin’ Famine to Save Kid’s Lives

o Do You Fight the Comparison Game?
o Understanding Preteens