Ministry Resources: Issue 28-8


Issue 28-8


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Home Bible Studies
o Practical Help in Preparation and Procrastination
o 3 Ways We Undermine the Bible’s Power

o 7 Tips to Teach Your Children to Love and Use the Bible 
o 7 Steps To Getting (And Keeping) Loyal Volunteers 

o 3 Things Your Volunteers Think but Don’t Say
Are We There Yet?

o 7 Ways to Help a Musically Challenged, Older Believer Worship
o 3 Ways Every Worship Leader Can Help the Pastor Win

New Convert
o How Can We Overcome Our Fear of Evangelism?
o How Exercise Shapes My Spiritual Health

o 3 Teams That Are Critical To Church Growth
o 3 Steps To Help People At Your Church Become Connected and Known

o How To Begin a Life Of Prayer
o How To Pray For Your Christian Colleagues

o Information Highway – Communicate How You Communicate
o 4 Tips To Find the Perfect Image For Your Church Website

Sunday School
o Darkened Nurseries, Clean Cribs & Empty Churches
o Feeling Exhausted? Recharge Your Spirit Today!

o Bible Study For Youth: 10 Suggested Topics 
o Four Ways to Communicate Better With Volunteers