Ministry Resources: Issue 28-9


Issue 28-9


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Home Bible Studies
o 7 Great Topics For Home Bible Study Groups 
o How to Engage 9 Kinds of People With The Bible 

o How Can We Be Word-Based, Not Event-Driven
o Activity Ideas For Women’s Ministry

o How Men Become Super Achievers
o Man of God: Seek To Be The Spiritual Leader!

o 6 Tips for Introducing Surprise in Worship
o 6 Reasons I Miss Singing Hymns 

New Convert
o Desperate Dependence
o Eight Principles of New Testament Evangelism 

o Care for Your Community Don’t Merely Consume From It
o The Best Follow-Up Processes for First-Time Guests 

o 20 Truths from “Women in God’s Mission”
o Apostolic Vision 

o Nobody Cares About Your Event: Promoting Church Events 
o Online Ministry Strategy 

Sunday School
o 9 Solutions to Common Classroom Discipline Issues
o 8 Practical Tips for Getting Kids into the Bible 

o 5 Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your Children’s Ministry 
o 5 Reasons We Need to Pray for Teachers