Ministry Resources: Issue 29-2


Issue 29-2


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Home Bible Studies
o The Formula for the Glory of God
o 7 Reasons Sermon Illustrations Matter

o How to Heal When Ministry Leaves You with Wounds
o 7 Reasons Sermon Illustrations Matter

o But We’re Not Compatible
o Spiritual Leadership: At Home

o You’re Not Too Cool for Traditional or Too Mature for Contemporary
o Imperfections Make Sundays More Beautiful

New Convert
o Should a Church Membership Class be Required?
o The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

o Communitywide Yard Sale
o Four Essential Elements of Evangelism

o My Special Place Of Prayer
o Patience in Prayer

o The “We’ve Always Done it This Way” Church Syndrome
o Should Churches Engage in Data Mining?

Sunday School
o 10 Active Indoor Games That Help Kids Grow Their Faith
o How to Work With a Child Who’s Consistently Negative

o The Benefits of Having a Timothy
o 3 Times Your Truth-Telling Is Put to the Test