Ministry Resources: Issue 29-1


Issue 29-1


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Home Bible Studies
o Why Teach Bible Studies In Homes and In Our City?
o Bible Study Teacher Prerequisites

o 10 Steps to Develop a Women’s Retreat
o Can I Get Over My Need to Please?

o 5 Practical Expressions of Love in Leadership
o 3 Common Emotional Mistakes Leaders Make

o 6 Ways to Sing Better in Worship This Weekend
o 7 Summer Tips for Worship Leaders

New Convert
o 4 Reasons Small Groups are Vital to Your Church’s Health
o It’s Time to Put Up or Shut up about Discipleship

o 3 Ways Your Church Can Participate in Orphan Care and Prevention
o 5 Things Churches Need To Do During Natural Disasters

o 4 Thoughts on Missions, Church and Technology
o Making Room at Your Table for International Students

o 8 Tips for Using Social Media for Your Church’s Holiday Events
o Social Media Outreach: The Key to Your Next Event

Sunday School
o 4 Options When Dealing with a Difficult Volunteer
o 3 Ideas for Engaging Kids in Animal Care Service

o 3 Warning Signs That Your Student Ministry Is Hurting Your Church
o 10 Pastoral Words of Wisdom I’d Share with Young People