Ministry Resources: Issue 29-3


Issue 29-3


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Home Bible Studies
o Time Management
o How to Actually Do a HBS

o The Best Questions to Answer Your Ladies Ministry
o Putting Faith Back Into Your Future

o What’s Wrong With This Statement 
o Words to the Wise and Wistful 

o How to Convince Your Members to Practice 
o Qualities of a Great Worship Leader

New Convert
o How to Have a Devotional Life
o Questions for Meaningful Conversations with Believers 

o 10 Simple Ways to Reach Your Neighbors
o 5 Ways to Connect with the Unchurched

o Some Thoughts About the Migrant Caravan 
o The Activity of the Church

o How to Achieve 
o 5 Low Cost Ways to Secure a Network

Sunday School
o 4 Ways to Raise Kids Who Love Jesus 
o 7 Wallet Friendly Ideas for Sunday School

Keep Kids Safe in 2019
o Promotion Comes From the Lord