Ministry Resources: Issue 29-6


Issue 29-6


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Home Bible Studies
o Childcare Solutions for Home Bible Study Groups
o 9 Tools for Leading a Life Changing Home Bible Study

o Women Use Porn Too
o What First Steps Would You Suggest for a Church Just Starting a Women’s Ministry

o Christian Men-How Beliefs Shape Our Thoughts
o Men’s Ministry Is Back

o 3 Reasons Church Music Matters
o Discovering Your Call to Music Ministry

New Convert
o 4 Crucial Habits for Every New Believer
o Don’t Be Too Quick to Look For Fruit in New Believers

o How To Start A Witnessing Conversation
o Unique and Unusual Church Outreach Ideas

o 11 Books on Prayer Every Christian Should Read
o Standing on Our Knees for Prayer

o How Your Church Can Use Technology To Promote Easter Sunday
o 5 Ways to Promote Your Church on a Tiny Budget

Sunday School
o 11 Faith Skills Kids Need
o Pastor – You Need Sunday School Too

Suicide Rates in Youth
o 7 Steps for Planning a Youth Service