Modesty Still Matters 29-10

Modesty Still Matters
By Sylvia Ferrin

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Something kind of funny happened to me in New Hampshire. I was riding my bicycle and came upon a lake. The beach was full of people dressed in typical beachwear. I was wearing a long skirt and modest top. The bike path went right through the beach area! When I realized this, I hesitated but then thought, Oh No big deal.

Seriously, some people stopped what they were doing and stared at me. You would have thought I was an astronaut just arriving back from the moon. A couple of guys even sent catcalls my way.

For a millisecond, I felt really conspicuous and intimidated, but then I thought, I am not the one incorrectly dressed. They are. I was not about to buy an inferiority complex when I didn’t need or want one.

You are not a second-class citizen! You do not have to feel inferior to people around you.

You do not have to walk around with your head down. The Bible tells us to lift up our heads and the hands that hang down (Psalm 24:7; Hebrews 12:12).

This is not a matter of pride. It is simply a matter of knowing who you are in God’s kingdom and enjoying your royal identity. Your confidence does not come from you, but from God.

If you are portraying holiness in your outward appearance with a sincere, pure attitude, then you have no reason to apologize to anybody. Just because a few people in society might ridicule and ostracize you and try to make you feel marginalized does not mean that you are inferior to them.


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The above article Modesty Still Matters, is the tenth chapter from the book “Mirror Image Beautiful in God’s Sight”, by Sylvia Ferrin

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