Music Department Secretary: Job Description

Music Department Secretary: Job Description
Chad Erickson

CLC Adult & Youth Choir

1. Prepare all lyric sheets, handouts, etc. for choir rehearsal.
2. Type schedule of material to be covered in rehearsal.
3. To keep accurate attendance records for both choirs and make a weekly report of any members who need to be contacted.
4. To be very involved in the preparation and presentation of all special projects(i.e.- Christmas, Easter, back to school.)

CLC Youth Choir “Business”
1. Responsible for filling all cassette and c.d. mail orders, direct bookstore orders, all customer inquiries and correspondence.
2. Correspondence and confirmation of all upcoming concert dates, performances, etc.
3. Type any personal letters as required.

General Secretarial Duties:

1. Managing the Music Dept. office
2. Answering and returning all calls.
3. Scheduling of various appointments and keeping a dept. calendar of all activities and functions. (in conjunction with church master calendar)
4. Preparing and distributing the following quarterly calendars:
a) Soloist Calendars (w/Sherrie)
b) Musicians Calendars (w/Glen)
5. Typing all departmental letters
6. Keeping office and rehearsal room clean and tidy.
7. Running errands as required.

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