Music For the Smaller Church

Music For The Smaller Church
By Carol Condon

Certainly one of the largest hurdles in smaller churches is the music/worship department. Here’s a typical problem: You have a musician that is older and can’t play the more modem kinds of music:

I would start by sitting down with your musicians and singers and explain the vision of where you are seeking to go. Once you feel they understand then start by opening up the service with something he/she is very comfortable with. Once you go through a couple of songs then I would introduce one track of a great worship tune that is a bit more modem. Over the next few months keep adding more tracks of newer music. You may even need to explain to the congregation where you are going and why. It has been said that if you want to move the piano you need to do it one foot a week until it is on the other side.

You may have a young person or someone who can play the guitar. Have them download the charts and play along with the track to give it a live feel. They can also help you transition between songs. I have learned that whatever you focus on will expand. You will find musicians and singers that will begin to buy into your vision until you are all live again with the style of music that will go along with your church vision. Challenge your people to get up and play.

Remember, it is better to do easy songs well than difficult songs poorly. Stay within your ability. Nothing will improve without rehearsals! It has been said that “Routine brings perfection into the grasp of mediocrity”

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