Music Ministry: 10 Steps To Make This Your Best Year Ever!

Music Ministry: 10 Steps To
Make This Your Best Year Ever!
By Mark Condon

If you will read and DO these 10 steps I really believe it could be your best year ever!

OK! We are wrapping up the summer and getting ready to head into the balance of this year. How are you doing on your goals for this year? Are you where you wanted to be? Are you caught in the summer slump? If you are doing great then congratulations! If you are behind a little then I want to encourage you to finish strong. Here are some ideas to help you.

1. Schedule a pizza party this week with your music team. Sit down with them and make a plan on how you want to finish the second half of this year. When you engage people to help you the odds increase tremendously that you will achieve success. If you do not have a team then develop one.

2. When you all meet, make sure you schedule at least two more meetings throughout this year for accountability to your plan.

3. Have your team go through the iClub and bring 10 songs that they would like to see your church learn yet this year. When they all bring their list see which ones you have in common and start with those tunes first.

4. Schedule a Music & Arts night for your children 5-18. This is an evening where you look for talent and build the confidence of the future. We set up tables in the lobby where they can display artwork and then the evening is filled with playing, singing, or drama of some kind. This is always an awesome evening! This has become a highlight for Turnpoint!

5. Schedule a choir retreat for the fall or early next year. Have someone come in and challenge your group to the next level.� This will some of the best money and time you can spend. I actually have some dates available and I could also hook you up with some of our iClub artists/contributors. They are awesome!

6. Schedule a community event where your choir or worship team sings outside the walls of your church.� Community square, mall, prison etc…

7. Try to purchase some kind of new gear or instruments that will excite your group.

8. Give your team a DREAM list.� Ask every musician and sound person what they would like for you to buy if money were not an issue. (we all know it is) Take this list and say we want to work on this list over time.� It may take even a couple of years but at least you have a plan. If you will help your people achieve their dreams you will see that your dreams will be met.

9. Make yourself take some kind of lessons.� When you grow, your team grows! SERIOUSLY!

10. Ask everyone of your musicians to find one person in your church to teach lessons to. When you sow you always reap! This prepares your future but also will create a giving spirit in your team. This can be one of the best things your band can do.