My Daily Prayer


“This coming year I’d like to be friend to everyone;
Id’ like to feel each day well spent at setting of the sun;
I’d like to know that I have done at least one kindly deed,
Before I lay me down to sleep, and that I have given heed-
To some one’s cry for sympathy, or friendship, or that I
Have made the day seem brighter to some chance passer-by,
And that the world is better still in just some little way,
Because I’ve tried to live the best I could each day.

“I’d like to be a ray of light when skies are overcast,
I’d like to help some one who failed to blot all the past,
To start again despite the storms and find the skies are blue,
To know that in this food old world there’s lots hat’s fine and true,
I’d like to be the kind of person everyone will love,
And make the world seem just a little more like heaven above;
I’d like in all my dealings to be true and just and fair,
That God will help me do these things shall be my daily prayer.”

Author unknown
Submitted by George Cavaness