My Special Place Of Prayer

My Special Place Of Prayer
Samantha Laird

There was a time when I would wander around aimlessly. I was searching, craving, and desiring a place where no one could disrupt my thoughts. I thought that such a place didn’t exist. The realist inside me determined it to be completely impossible without being physically removed from all my surroundings. But then, there was that faint voice that seemed to whisper one method that would grant me peace of mind and many other desirable things. The practice is simple now and since I’ve discovered it I cannot seem to stop.

I close my eyes and everything around me fades. I am transported to my mind to a place which is now well-known to me where I can admire the calm stillness of this land. A place where the clouds hang low and the thick, glowing-like air swirls itself about me, making my heart sing for joy. In this place no one is afraid to kneel down and pray to the Almighty God, letting His warm presence shine down and unfurl around an unworthy human being, such as myself. His Light and Glory takes away the sun and shines down happily on me. I never get tired of the warmth and security it often brings me.

The escape from reality brings a great comfort to me. There are no worries, no troubles, and no one else except me and my God. I give all the adulation I possibly can and in return He shines down unconditional compassion on me – that same compassion that he had once used on a woman unnamed, who was about to be stoned. Her fear melted as she gazed up at her hero, just as mine has vanished.

I am perfectly alone in my pleasant Garden of Eden. I see all colors of roses, daisies, daffodils, lilies, tulips, orchids, snapdragons, and most importantly of all: the Lily of the Valley. The scents of flowers whirl around me in the light breeze which turns the scene to spring and blows my long, chocolate-colored hair around my face. Trying to breathe in as much as I possibly can, the warm and gentle breeze makes me release all worry and strife from my shoulders. Twirling through the garden, I bask in the radiance of his presence.

I continue to walk through the colorful maze of flowers and stop at the succulent center that’s so abundantly full of life. I stand under a giant tree, admiring the strength and glory of it. I extol the soft fruit that grows on its limbs and reach out to touch it. Before I grasp it, I hear the sounds of birds chirping happily and the flow of a calm stream which eventually runs into one magnificently tall, roaring waterfall. I admire the fruit on this tree so full of life for a few more seconds until I begin to walk away from the beautiful, golden fruit. I walk toward the waterfall and adore how the scenery begins to change. The sky becomes cloudy and the wind has a chill in it. I’m no longer walking on grass, but stone. I bounce onto stones protruding from the river and make my way across to a huge boulder that protrudes above the waterfall.

At the top of the luscious falls, I hesitate to jump. I stare for a moment and see how crystal clear the water seems to be at the bottom. On top of the boulder, I shuffle myself to the edge and see the cool mist hovering just above the green grass below and traveling into the thick forest. At first I’m nervous and begin to feel sick to my stomach. I step back and gather up my courage to gaze over the edge once again. A swarming feeling of pure joy and amazement bubbles up inside me now. I feel two strong hands push me off the edge and the exhilarating thrill of free falling snaps my senses into a state of pure adrenaline. I feel myself flying into a sweet cacophony of fear and laughter. I grab the air with my hands, trying to clutch something.

This is where I am encouraged to dismiss the outer world and forget the necessities. I learn that God is completely capable of taking good care of me just as He has with the sparrows. Without necessities, I’m able to fly beside the setting sun, through the clouds, and even above them where the colors and hues are the most beautiful and brilliant.

I spot my dream castle on a giant hill, above the inexplicably thick forest. I fly to it and see my beautiful, stone castle doorstep. I pull the very large and rugged rope that hangs down to my right. The sound of church bells fills the crisp, evening air and illuminates the sky with a rainbow of colors that proclaim to the King that I’m now here. I enter my abandoned-looking castle and gaze at the tall ceilings draped with fine linen cloths that are a magnificent, royal purple and scarlet. The castle itself is full of exciting mysteries I have yet to unveil. Walking through the halls, I look at each individual room. Each is a moment in my life, each floor categorized by a monumental turning point in my spiritual life. The farther I walk, the more alive the castle seems to become.

I climb up the stone, twirling stairs and enter into the glistening throne room on the top floor. It’s filled with clear diamonds and extravagant jewels that reflect all colors of the rainbow. I shield my eyes from the brightness of its glory and peer into the room to see my King smiling proudly at me. With a small smile, I kneel down to pray on the clear, see-through floor that’s made of some jewel not known to man. I look down through the floor and see my past. I see where God has brought me from and begin to praise Him all the more.

Closing my eyes, I escape the language of this world and begin to speak in a language unknown and most Holy. The King listens with a radiating joy that empowers me to move on. I move from moment to moment with joy that emanates from my soul. Laughter begins to flourish around me and the throne where the King sits happily.

With a small glow about me, I wonder out and travel to my winding staircase made of pure, solid gold. Without fear and hesitation I climb the stairs two at a time, being very careful not to trip on my long, golden, flowing dress which moves elegantly and gracefully with every step I take. Out a window I see the colors and sparkles that fall from the sky when night comes to this mysterious land. A thrill for adventure comes to my imagination and I look up to see a golden-draped doorway I had never noticed before.

I pull the curtain back to see something remarkable: the edge of time. It flows and moves with each passing second that no longer affects me. I relax and smile to myself, while edging just a bit closer to a bottomless pit that forms itself into a spiraling cascade of sparkles. It looks like a galaxy suspended in its very own timeslot. They float up around me and everything feels lightweight. I stretch my hand out to touch one of the stars that is slowly moving by me. It creates shivers from the nape of my neck, spreading out across my shoulders, down my lower back, and all the way back up to my fingertips. I pull my arm back and smile to myself, thanking my God for all that He’s done for me.

Butterflies appear in my stomach and I dangle my foot over the edge of this strange, castle ledge while still making a note to hang onto the castle wall. I remind myself that I am courageous, powerful, strong, wondrous, and adventurous. With one last single breath I close my eyes and feel myself falling. The zero-gravity pulls me upward and my hair floats perfectly around me, as if I’m underwater. The sparkling stars are floating around me like raindrops propelled against themselves. I’m amazed by the beauty and wonder of it all.

I wait just a few horribly long seconds and then this spiral galaxy pulls me down and I’m caught in a flurry of sparkles and happiness. I open my eyes and look at the boring blue walls of my bathroom at home. While kneeling, I say a thank you prayer for my day so far and quickly get up. I remind myself that I am not alone and I am loved. Then, I equip myself for the clash just on the other side of the wooden door. I start with the breastplate of righteousness to protect me from any falsehood. The next garment goes onto my feet to show that I am well-grounded with the gospel to avoid the devil’s attempts to trip me. Then, I hold the shield of faith in my hands and feel the smooth surface that symbolizes what God has done for me and for my family. I use the shield to quench the fiery darts of the wicked that I am prepared to handle. The helmet that stands for salvation now appears and I am fully capable of the protection of mind it gives me. Lastly, I stare at my sword and breathe in deeply. I familiarly grasp the leather sheath and strike the air in front of me, imagining the double-edge piercing one of my greatest foes known as doubt. Looking in the mirror, I gain confidence and peace emanates from me. I adjust my armor and open my bathroom door, preparing for whichever battle lay ahead.

Psalms 91:1-5 – “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and fortress: my God; in him will I trust. Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day.”

By: Samantha Laird
I am 17 years old and attend Faith Tabernacle Church in New Kensington, PA with my wonderful Pastor William Laird. I come from a broken family, but I hold strong, fifth-generation Pentecostal roots. I wrote this creative piece right before what I think is to be the trial of my faith. I am determined to never stray from the Lord no matter how much fire and brimstone may rain down upon me.

The above article, “My Special Place Of Prayer” was written by Samantha Laird. The article was personally submitted by author. March 2013.

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