No Sinners In The First Resurrection

No Sinners In The First Resurrection
By The Late Elder B. E. Echols

I suppose every preacher and lay-member who has read the 20th chapter of Revelation has paid some attention to the sixth verse, which says “Blessed AND HOLY is he that hath part in the FIRST resurrection on such the SECOND DEATH hath no power.” The verse preceding verse six says, “But the rest of the dead lived NOT again until the thousand years (or the ‘millennial reign of Christ’) were finished.”

The people who do not come out of their graves at the time of “The First Resurrection” will remain there for another thousand years. (Rev. 20:5) They will then come forth to be judged at the “Great White Throne Judgment,” when the earth and the heaven shall flee His face who sits on the throne. This is going to be one of the most fearful and dreadful scenes that man has ever looked upon. God is going to open that book which contains the records of everything a man has said or done in a lifetime, and men are going to be judged “every man according to their works,” or deeds. (Eccl 12:13,14; II Cor 5:9-11)

Some of you may consider me to be your enemy, because I am continually reminding you of these things, However, the truth is, I am warning you of these things to come so you can “amend your ways,” (Jer 7:1-7) and get saved or delivered from them before that “Great DAY of His Wrath,” overtakes you and it will be too late then to repent and obey the gospel of Jesus Christ as preached by the Apostle Peter (Acts 2:37-41), and the Apostle Paul. (Acts 19:1-7; Eph 1:13; Gal 1:6-12; II Peter 3:9-15)

I know that everyone who wants to be saved or go to heaven when they die and leave this old sincursed and corrupted world are expecting to go to a HOLY place we call heaven, where there will never be anymore sin or sorrow. (Rev 21:15; II Peter 3:11-15, Rev 22:10-17)

So, if you and I expect and desire to go to that land of bliss and absolute contentment it is scripturally imperative or obligatory that we live holy and serve Him “in holiness” and “righteousness” ALL the days of our life IN this PRESENT world. (Luke 1:73-75; Titus 2:11-15; Heb. 9:27; II Cor 5:9,10)

To close, let me remind you again that NO ONE but HOLY people are going to be in “the FIRST resurrection: on such the SECOND DEATH hath NO power.”

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