1. Ages O to 3 years old. When 3 years old they should be able to remain with parents in sanctuary. (3 yr. olds should have the option, especially visitors. Set guidelines)

2. No sick children in nursery. This is determined by: Rash; fever or contagious sickness. If undecided, refer to Sister White.


4. If there are more than 5 children there must be two workers.

5. Parents need to leave children with workers and pick them up no more than 5 minutes after service is dismissed. Parents need to leave any appropriate items needed for their child/children, such as diapers; wet wipes, bottles, etc.

6. Door to sanctuary will be left unlocked for nursing mothers only.

a) A DO NOT DISTURB sign shall be displayed on foyer door at 6:15p.m. Sunday and 7:45p.m. for other services.

b) No unauthorized people shall enter the nursery after this time, unless requested to do so by the team captain.

c) Nursery shall not be used for a “thorough-fare” to and from the ladies restroom.

d) The church family shall be educated as to these policies.

7. Blinds may be left half open for mothers to check on their children without going into the nursery.

8. Workers on duty are not allowed to spank or hit any child left in the nursery in their care. If child/children become unruly, worker will ask usher to get the parent.

9. Workers will clean room up after all children are gone, also empty trash can and take to dumpster if necessary.

10. Workers should try and have games and planned activities for the children to do while in the nursery.

11. May use older teenage girls if needed. Must be 14 years of age or older and must be authorized by Sister Eddings or the Ladies Auxiliary Directors BEFORE they are asked to assist.

12. Children are not allowed to hit, bite, scream or push other children. No fighting with other children. If worker can not stop them, the usher will be asked to get the parent.

13. Workers schedule to be posted one week before end of month on the door.

14. All workers are to be approved by the Pastors’ Wife before using them.

15. Rotation schedule; Team Captain; 1 per service.